Help us grow the observatory!

The Mount Allison Gemini Observatory was constructed with generous funding from the Marjorie Young Bell Endowment Fund at Mount Allison, University operating funds, as well as donations from alumni, staff, and friends of the University. This funded the concrete infrastructure, fence, domes, mounts, basic solar power, and the telescopes. The facility is now fully operational for on-site visual observing.

As the observatory is now more than 10 years old, we are now looking to upgrade some of our equipment. As well, as you can expect, we also need funds for our outreach activities.

If you can donate some money towards these goals, that would be wonderful.

You can donate online — please specify "Astronomy Observatory" when making your secure donation.

You can also donate by mail, phone, or payroll deduction for Mount Allison employees. Find out more about how to make a gift.

Thank you for your support!