Your room in residence next year is waiting!

We believe that our residence system is a great way to ensure success in your studies. In fact, students living in residence have an average GPA that is three points higher than students not living in residence.

Our community is designed to support you. Living in residence as a returning student also provides you with a number of leadership opportunities.

Room draw for returning students

Any student currently living in residence is eligible to reserve a room in residence for the upcoming academic year.

To reserve a room:

  • Log into the Residence Portal beginning mid-November to select your room
  • Pay your $500 housing deposit by May 1 to hold your room
  • After March 1, we will begin assigning new students to residence rooms so choices will narrow after that date

To change your room: you can return to the portal if you change your mind. To reserve a new room, you will need to cancel your current booking.

To cancel your room: students wishing to withdraw from their future room booking should cancel their room booking via the Residence Portal. The charge to withdraw from a room taken in room draw is $100.

If you're hired as an AD or RA or you are elected President or Secretary/Treasurer, then Housing will move you automatically and release the room to general draw.

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Join the residence leadership team

Each year, our residence leaders emerge with strong connections with students, staff and faculty, and even stronger friendships with fellow residence leaders. While building this amazing network of people, you also build on impressive employable skills for your future career.

To learn more and apply, visit residence leadership.