Steps to check out:

  • Clean out your room
    Students must leave their room in a clean, neat condition, with original furnishings intact and arranged in their original position. Personal property and garbage must be removed from the room and from hallways.
  • Fill out your room inventory form
    Access to the room inventory form will be made available through the Residence Portal in April. An email will be sent with further details when the forms are available. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their online room inventory form is complete and accurate.
  • Don review
    Please be aware that your room check-out is not final until your Don reviews the inventory form and approves the condition of your room.

Cleanliness and damages

Students are individually responsible for damages to, losses from and/or messes within their assigned rooms and for all furnishings and keys provided to them.

Failure to comply may result in charges being added to your student account. Cleaning charges will be assessed by Dons for rooms which are left unnecessarily dirty, including bottles, items left in drawers, garbage left in rooms, stickers, or posters left on walls. Command or 3M Hooks must be left on the walls, do not try to remove these.

Student accounts will be charged in May for any damage to their rooms. Students are reminded that, as per University policy, final marks are withheld and transcripts are unobtainable until all outstanding debts have been paid.

Summer storage

Storage is available to students who are returning to residence.

Students are required to store their belongings in containers with their name clearly marked. Containers must be stored in designated storage rooms.

Please be advised that the University is not responsible for any stored items. Items in storage cannot be accessed over the summer. Please speak to your residence Don or RA for access to storage.