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Class of 1968



Class officers

Brian Bell

Vice President
Catherine (Cooke) Byard

Maurice Tugwell

Jacqueline (Ewart) Welsh

Raymond Wheeler



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Class yell

Pumpkin and Sky,
Pumpkin and Sky,
Spirit of ’68 will never die!

We’ve brain and we’ve brawn,
And when we have gone,
Spirit of ’68 will live on!

We’ve strength and we’ve might
To uphold the right,
Spirit of ’68 will always fight!



Class project

Class of 1968 Entrance Scholarship

The Class of 1968 continues to support its entrance scholarship. Members of the class are encouraged to continue contributing to help students realize their dream of a University education.

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The Class of '68 legacy project

In 2008, following our 40th  reunion, the Class of 68 agree to establish a scholarship as a legacy project. A project committee was struck to work out the details of the scholarship and to oversee a five-year financial campaign for its funding. At our 45th reunion in 2013 the class presented a cheque of 103,068 to Mount Allison to formally launch the scholarship.

The criteria for the scholarship are as follows:

● It is an entrance scholarship.

● It is given to a well-rounded student as demonstrated by their leadership, community service and extracurricular activities.

● The student must have a strong academic standing, though may not be at the top of their class.

● Preference is given to a student with financial need.

In each of the first four years the award totalled a minimum of $4000. In 2018, with the support of the University, it was agreed that the full spending allocation of our endowment would be paid out each year, with the object of our scholarship being a full-tuition cost award. Further, any allotment in our endowment that exceeds the full-tuition cost would be used to fund a second scholarship managed under the same criteria as the first award.

Our enriched full-tuition scholarship is one of only a handful of such awards endowed by a Mount Allison class and available to first year students. 



Scholarship recipients

William Pomeroy, Nova Scotia
Abbey Stroud, Nova Scotia

Grace Henri, Nova Scotia

2017 - 2018
Sarah Choi, New Brunswick

2016 - 2017
Sarah Sonier, Prince Edward Island

2015 -2016
Heather Richards, Ontario

2014 - 2015
Katherine Chamandy, Quebec

Message from Brian Bell, Class President 

Our 50th has come and gone gloriously, with the participation of over 100 class members, spouses and partners. It was a wonderful opportunity to again toast the spirit of Pumpkin and Sky and to celebrate the impressive growth and success of our legacy project.

A 50th reunion is nevertheless, bitter-sweet as we’ve now firmly established ourselves as the seniors at the table. With this, a whole new set of challenges arises like ‘How much longer are we going to be able to stand on our chairs for our class yell?’

Fortunately there are still lots of opportunities ahead too, as we are freed from many of the constraints of past roles and responsibilities. Let’s embrace this freedom fully and use it to, among other things, keep connected - through this website and through our Facebook page.

Let’s also agree to convene again in 2023 – not because we have to but because we can’t resist – and to continue to share and celebrate the wonderful stories and friendships of Class of 68 members, families and friends that have so touched and enriched our lives.

Reunion 2018
50th year pin 

Front Row (L-R): Robert Crossman, Jean (MacNeil) Crossman, Martha (Robertson) Massey, Jacquie (Ewart) Welsh, Jonne Warner, Jon Van Zoost, Maurice Tugwell, Judith Tompkins, Phyllis (Atkinson) Stopps

Second Row (L-R): Deanna Rice, Mary (Ellis) Stokes-Rees, Sheila Stevenson Archibald, Elaine (Steeves) Smith, Romer Shewchuk, Janice (Hicking) Shewchuk, Ibel (vanZwol) Scammell, Nancy (Grainger) Robb, Paul Ritchie, Robert Watt

Third Row (L-R): Cyril Reid, Barb (Wood) Reid, Garth Rayner, Gloria Rankin, Marilyn (Paynter) Prescott, Gwenyth (Mulkins) Phillips, Sharon Pell MacKinnon, Joan Peggs, Edith (MacCaull) Nicholson, Sue (Gass) Morse, Ewart Morse

Fourth Row (L-R): John Mitchell, Wylie McMullen, Kathleen (Downey) McCullen, Robert McLean, Joan (Jamieson) McDougall, Charles Massey, Mary (Gosbee) Martin, Neil MacLean, Richard MacKinnon, Sandra (Johnston) MacKay

Fifth Row (L-R): Shirley (Adams) MacIntosh, Gerald MacGarvie, Robert Lockhart, Donna (Zwicker) Lock, Alan Lock, Ralph Lewis, Elizabeth (Beveridge) Lebrun, Marilyn (Trimper) Krajc, Elaine (Corey) Huntington, Jane (Roxborough) Halisky

Sixth Row (L-R): Alex Morrison, Darryl Gray, Diane (Merrill) Fullerton, Peter Frost, Moira (MacDonald) Forbes, Michael Forbes, Charles Fawcett, Carol Estey, Nancy (Waller) Cutler, Sandra Crabtree, Wade Cook

Seventh Row (L-R): Eugenia (Trueman) Coates, Sandi Jean (Etheridge) Carmichael, Judy (Porter) Cameron, Catherine (Cooke) Byard, Diane (Bryson) Butler, Pam (Steeves) Bowman, Lynn (MacKinnon) Boothroyd, Elizabeth (Hopper) Boettger, Brian Bell

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