Study abroad benefits

There are myriad reasons why you should consider incorporating international experiences into your degree.

It's accessible

There are options for almost every degree program, in most cases previous knowledge of host country language skills are not necessary to participate.     

It's affordable

You can save money by paying regular Mount Allison tuition and can still access student loan and award funding. In addition, there is travel funding available to support students to have a study abroad experience. 

It's academic

You can travel and study at the same time without extending your degree. In almost all cases, previous students have graduated on time.

It's supported

The International Affairs Coordinator is your guide and will support you through all phases of the process.

It's marketable

Unlike travelling, you can incorporate study abroad into your resume, job searches, etc. We even host sessions for returning students on how to do this!

It's eye-opening

Studying abroad can change how you see yourself, your world, and your studies. Experience growth and development on a variety of levels!

It's an experience of a lifetime

You may never again get an opportunity like this.

A breakdown of benefits

Here's a breakdown of some of the most common areas you may experience benefits from studying abroad:

Academic benefits 

  • You can study in another country and earn credits towards your major and minor and degree requirements
  • You can also supplement your learning with some of our hybrid study abroad + internship opportunities
  • Graduate schools regard applicants with international study abroad experience very highly
  • Network into or research graduate programs abroad
  • Have a diverse education and benefit from various styles of instruction
  • Take unique classes not on offer at Mount Allison
  • Reignite your passion for learning and get hands-on educational experiences  
  • Increase the depth or spread of academic connections across the Mount Allison campus with fellow returning exchange students 

Personal benefits  

  • Become more independent, and challenge yourself, giving you greater ability to see the world from various perspectives
  • Gain international experience that other Canadian students may not have
  • Increased maturity and awareness, higher self-confidence, greater tolerance for ambiguity
  • Develop greater self-awareness/clarity, which impacts career decisions and aids in helping to bridge the self/others perception gap
  • Returning exchange students said their exchange had a lasting impact on their perception of the world, and it improved students connection with their international community and sense of identity outside of their home nation.  
  • Make international friends — great for future trips, building a professional network, and learn about other places around the world, etc. 
  • Visit and/or live in a different country 
  • Change the way you think about your major or areas of study
  • Offers greater opportunity to develop your communication skills and/or language skills
  • Travel more widely and have a base from which to travel
  • Make a difference in the world, your campus, and your community — some of our returning exchange students were inspired by their studies abroad to bring about change here in Sackville  

Professional benefits

  • Enhance your career success  
  • Set yourself apart from your peers  
  • Helps to prepare you for an international workplace environment 
  • Make international friends and build an international professional network 
  • Incorporate your study abroad experience into your resume and interview 
  • Attend a returning  exchange student session each semester where you learn about how to incorporate your experiences into your career search  
  • Join the Mentorship Program and be a mentor for a new international student — which can be used on a resume or to build connections for references.  
  • Returning exchange students found that their studies abroad influenced their career choices.

Financial benefits

  • Pay your normal Mount Allison tuition and avoid paying international student tuition fees abroad
  • Mount Allison has travel grants and bursaries that are available to all students who have an exchange experience
  • Reap student discounts abroad (versus solo travel) 
  • Learn how to budget effectively
  • Remain eligible for federal and provincial student loans
  • Combine study time with the opportunity to travel — combined costs are reduced versus doing both independently of each other