Wayne Hunt

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Wayne Hunt is a Professor of Politics and International Relations at Mount Allison University in Canada. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, a Senior Research Associate at St. Antony's College, Oxford University and Visiting Fellow at the Centre for International Studies at the London School of Economics.

He is interested in showing how the ideas which are generated in an academic setting can have an influence on policy-makers. He has been involved in partisan politics — standing as a candidate for a nominating convention for the Liberal party in Canada.

His published research is on the topic of political leadership, privacy and digital surveillance, the future of liberalism, public intellectuals and the structure of ideas on a digital platform, the impact of geoengineering on human communities, the political philosophies embodied in the competition between Silicon Valley firms like Google, Facebook and Apple; and, finally, on the geopolitical challenge of jihadist networks and the flow of foreign fighters.

In addition to that he helped organize and co-chaired a think tank on New Liberalism. His career has been designed to show how new technology is turning around the traditional divisions between art and science.


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Ph.D. in Political Science. Concentration in comparative politics, with a special focus on Canadian politics.


M.Sc. (Econ.). Thesis: Canada and India: the evolution of a federal form of governance in developed and developing societies


B.A. (Hons) in Political Science


Wayne Hunt's teaching has a focus on the impact of emergent technologies on art, architecture and design and documentary film making.


Comparative Politics, International Relations, Business Studies, as well as Media and Communication Studies.

Grants, awards & honours

Editorial board member, Journal of Middle East Media

Editorial board member, International Journal of Science in Society

Editorial board member, International Journal of Political Science and Diplomacy


Visiting Fellow at Centre for International Studies


Senior Research Associate at St. Antony’s College

Principal organizer for the New Liberalism Foundation think tank on “Creating Sustainable Communities.”

Acted as co-chair of the think tank (along with Dr. Tom Axworthy, Kennedy School, Harvard University) Halifax, Nova Scotia, February 28 - March 1, 2003. Available at http://www.gingergroup.org/cnf_0302_speakers.html


Visiting Fellow at Centre for International Studies


Visiting Scholar at the Kennedy School of Government


Visiting Fellow at Centre for International Studies

1987   Active in the Liberal party of Canada

Stood as candidate for nomination in the Ontario riding of Algoma-Manitoulin in 1987.

2001-2003   Principal Investigator and Head of the Canadian Team

Funded by Gorbachev Foundation and the Canadian International Development Agency.

Total Grant: $170,000.

Head of the Russian Team, Alexander Chumikov, Professor of State Management at Moscow State University and General Director of the International Press Club and Secretary of the Union of Journalists.

Title of Project: The Mass Media as a Mechanism for Civic Engagement.

1979-1979  Massey College in the University of Toronto

Junior Fellowship