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I completed my doctorate at the University of Toronto, where I specialized in International Relations, Comparative Political Economy, and Development. Prior to beginning my position as the McCain Postdoctoral Fellow, I held the McKenna Postdoc Fellowship at Mount Allison University. My dissertation examined the persistence of market orthodoxy in post-apartheid South Africa over a 25-year period, with a focus on the country's integration into the global capital markets following the democratic elections. My current research and teaching interests are at the intersection of critical political economy, international relations, and development.



2021. Ansari, Shaukat. Neoliberalism and Resistance in South Africa: Economic and Political Coalitions. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Ltd. 


2022. Ansari, Shaukat. "Cash-Transfers, International Finance, and Neoliberal Debt Relations: The Case of Post-Apartheid South Africa." Development and Change, 53, no. 3: 551-75.

2018. Ansari, Shaukat. "US Fiscal Policy, Manufacturing Stagnation, and the Shift to Financialization in the Era of Globalization: An Econometric Analysis 1897-2015." Review of Political Economy, 30, no. 4: 595-614.

2017. Ansari, Shaukat. "The Neoliberal Incentive Structure and the Absence of the Developmental State in Post-Apartheid South Africa." African Affairs, 116, no. 463: 206-232.

2016. Ansrai, Shaukat. "Is Under-Consumption Responsible for Stagnation in the US Manufacturing Sector? Econometric Evidence and Implications for State policy, 1965-2008." International Critical Thought, 6, no. 1: 46-64. 

Other Publications:

2013. Ansari, Shaukat. "The Politics of Market Reform: Altering State Development Policy in South Africa." ASPJ: Africa and Francophonie. 4, no. 3: 61-78.


Doctor of Philosophy, University of Toronto, Political Science, International Development and Comparative Political Economy.



  • POLS 3991B - Situating Neoliberalism
  • POLS 4991B - African Political Development
  • INLR 3201A - Problems in International Development
  • INLR/POLS 2301A - Introduction to International Relations