Lara Khattab | Mount Allison

Lara Khattab

Assistant Professor
AVDX 212


While born and raised between Tripoli and Beirut in civil war Lebanon, and having lived in different cities (Cairo, São Paulo, and Montréal), I witnessed a civil war, foreign occupations and invasions, political assassinations, the upsurge of social movements and mass uprisings, the emergence of military regimes, the disintegration of democratic regimes and the rise of the far right, as well as structural and non-structural forms of violence. Throughout, I developed an interest in understanding the formal and informal working-class, the urban poor, and the unemployed in the struggles for social and political change under neoliberal and non-democratic regimes. I draw on comparative regionalism, political economy, and a qualitative approach to research.

In my PhD. dissertation, I combined a critical political economy and cross-regional comparative approach to the crisis of capitalism and democratization processes in Brazil and Egypt. My research traced the contradictions of capitalism under populist and post-populist Brazil and Egypt and examined the class mobilization, class organizing, and inter-class alliances that emerged to challenge authoritarian capitalism in the two countries. It also shined a light on the challenges to the formation of non-corporatist labor organizing, and to the emergence of inter-class alliances to show that democratization processes are driven by class struggles. My research also drew on literature from the Global South to reflect on the meaning and the quality of democracy in post-authoritarian contexts. My current research investigates the political economy of violence aimed at the poor and informal sector of Northern Lebanon.


2022. Khattab, L.W. "The genealogy of social and political mobilization in Lebanon under a neoliberal sectarian regime (2009-2019)." Globalizations, DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2021.2025296.

2015. Salloukh, B., R. Barakat, AL-Habbal, J.S., Khattab, L.W. and Mikaelian, S. The Politics of Sectarianism in Post-War Lebanon. London: Pluto Press.


  • 2020 PhD - Concordia University
  • 2010 MA - Lebanese American University
  • 2003 BS - American University of Beirut


  • POLS 1001 - Foundations of Politics
  • POLS 2221 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS 3991 - Political Violence: Categories, Actors and Justice
  • POLS 4991 - Survivors of Violence