Lara Khattab

Assistant Professor
AVDX 212


Dr. Khattab’s research and teaching center on the lived experiences of those formally excluded from politics in the Arab world and Latin America. Her work and research include labour and social movements in Egypt, Brazil, and Lebanon. Dr. Khattab researched civil society in the sectarian context of Lebanon, the new unionism in Brazil, the landless peasants in Brazil, and independent unions in Egypt. Her research explores the challenges to democratization processes in the Global South from a political economy and a class-based approach. Currently, she is examining how the poor and the informal workers in Lebanon’s northern city – Tripoli, are policed and criminalized and the forms of resistance that take place in response to neoliberal sectarianism. Her teaching covers themes in political economy in the Arab World, and Latin America, the changing world of work, labour organizing and labour movements, political violence and justice, survivors of violence, and introduction to comparative politics.


2022. Khattab, L.W. "The genealogy of social and political mobilization in Lebanon under a neoliberal sectarian regime (2009-2019)." Globalizations, DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2021.2025296.

2015. Salloukh, B., R. Barakat, AL-Habbal, J.S., Khattab, L.W. and Mikaelian, S. The Politics of Sectarianism in Post-War Lebanon. London: Pluto Press.


  • 2020 PhD - Concordia University
  • 2010 MA - Lebanese American University
  • 2003 BS - American University of Beirut


  • POLS 1001 - Foundations of Politics
  • POLS 2221 - Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLS 3991 - Political Violence: Categories, Actors and Justice
  • POLS 4991 - Survivors of Violence