Mount Allison University may recognize prior learning for certain courses through challenge for credit when students have obtained a proficiency or intellectual skills in the subject matter through training or experience rather than through high school, college, or previous university instruction.

Challenge for credit is available only in courses which have been recommended by academic departments or programs and approved by Senate for this purpose. These courses will be identified in the academic calendar.

Only students who have been admitted to, or are currently registered in, a degree program at Mount Allison University may challenge for credit.

Please note:

  • A student who wishes to challenge a course must complete this form at least one month before the beginning of the fall or winter term.
  • See academic calendar regulation 3.11 for regulations, procedures, and eligibility.
  • There is a fee of $375 to challenge for credit.
  • If approved, the student will be contacted by the registrar's office for arrangements for examination.
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