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Information about @mta.ca email accounts for alumni

Although Mount Allison graduates are able to use their @mta.ca e-mail accounts after graduation, the Alumni Office recommends migrating to a new e-mail provider three years after graduation.

This is due to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (GNB), which states that any person is entitled to request and receive records relating to the public business of public bodies, have access to their personal information and to request corrections to records containing their personal information in the custody and control of a public body in New Brunswick.

In order to best protect your privacy we are encouraging alumni to update their contact information with a non-MtA e-mail. If you are using the Legacy Webmail service and do not wish to change e-mail providers, you will need to migrate your account to Office 365.

What does this mean for me?

We have a responsibility to let you know that your MtA e-mails are subject to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy laws. If you choose to continue using your MtA e-mail you need to migrate to Office365 or you will lose access to your MtA e-mail account after the cut-off date.

Please note the cut-off date will be adjusted by class year, and we will update this page as the date is determined. If you have further questions please e-mail alumni@mta.ca.

I want to stop using my MtA e-mail account — how do I let you know my new e-mail address so I don’t miss out on important news and events?

You can update your contact information using the form on this page.

I have used my @mta.ca email to register for many online services over the years. What will happen if I don’t change them to a different email address?

After the cut-off date you will not have access to your MtA e-mail unless you migrate to Office 365.

I want to check that my MtA e-mail doesn’t have any important information that I may need, but I forget my password. How do I access my e-mail to check?

If you have forgotten your password please contact the Computing Services Helpdesk for assistance: (506) 364-2473 or helpdesk@mta.ca.

How can I download or transfer my MtA e-mail messages to another email service?

Please refer to our email migration guide.

I have decided not to use my MtA e-mail and am submitting a new e-mail to you. Should I delete all the content in my MtA e-mail account?

Yes, if you don’t want your MtA e-mails to be subject to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, you should delete the content. 

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