Updated COVID-19 Community Health Protocols

21 Jul 2022
COVID-19 health and safety protocols for Summer and Fall Term

The following message is an update from Mount Allison President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Jean-Paul Boudreau around the University’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols. This information was sent to Mount Allison students, faculty, and staff members via University e-mail on July 20, 2022.

Recent COVID-19 case counts across Canada confirm that COVID continues to be prevalent and health officials are reporting a rise in cases due to the latest, highly-contagious variant Omicron BA.5.

It seems as if we will be living with COVID for some time yet and our continued prudence is needed.

Updated community health protocols

Effective immediately, the following COVID-19 health and safety protocols will be in place throughout the summer and the Fall Term.

Our goal remains to support as much on-campus instruction, research, student services, and recreational activities as possible, while taking sensible precautions designed to help reduce the health impacts and transmission of COVID-19.


Masks will continue to be mandatory indoors, including in hallways and stairwells, and in instructional spaces, in most cases.


  • Instructors may choose to not wear a mask while teaching and students/presenters may choose to remove their mask while presenting;
  • Those working alone in an office or cubicle are not required to wear a mask;
  • While seated in other buildings such as Gracie’s, Jennings Hall, The Pond, and R.P. Bell Library and Archives; 
  • Those participating in athletics, fitness, music, and theatre performances.

Masks are not required outdoors.

Masks are designed to protect individuals and those near them and are appropriate whenever you feel group health and safety would benefit. In cases where individuals prefer to wear masks — even where they are not required—they are encouraged to do so.

Additional details, including guidelines on what to do if you test positive or are a close contact, are available at COVID-19 information 2022-23.


We know from last year that a very high percentage of students, faculty, and staff — in excess of 95% — were double-vaccinated prior to returning to campus. I am sure many have since taken advantage of the opportunity to receive one or more booster shots.

We continue to encourage all community members, who are able to, to take advantage of COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters. This was an important factor in minimizing pandemic impacts on campus last year and allowed us to provide New Brunswick Public Health with data they request to help them assess community risk factors. Therefore, this fall, we will provide a secure mechanism for community members who are new to MtA to voluntarily update their vaccine status.

Rapid test kit distribution

A supply of COVID-19 rapid test kits is currently available. MtA staff and students who are symptomatic can email to have someone who is not symptomatic or COVID positive pick one up OR you can go to the GNB website to sign up to pick one up at the Civic Centre. Ongoing availability of rapid test kits is uncertain at this time.

Let’s continue to protect our community

We sincerely appreciate the collective effort exhibited during the past two years, which has protected our campus community. Guidelines outlined are sensible precautions meant to continue the emphasis on community health and safety while being less restrictive than last year.

We will continue to monitor the COVID situation on campus, as well as guidance from the Government of New Brunswick, and adjust as necessary.

Best wishes for the balance of the summer,

Jean-Paul Boudreau
President and Vice-Chancellor
Mount Allison University

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