Policy 7020 — Audio Visual Policy

Policy section:
Section 7000-7099 Computing Services
Policy number:
Audiovisual Services Policy
Approved By:
Approved date:
October 29, 2019
Effective date:
January 1, 2020
Administered by:
Director of Information Technology


The purpose of this policy is to ensure audiovisual (“AV”) resources are used efficiently, effectively and economically as well as providing clear guidance to those who either use AV resources or provide AV resources and support.

The Policy and related procedure also outlines requirements related to the installation of AV equipment.

1.0 Definitions

CSD ̶ Computing Services Department
Normal business hours are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. from Labour Day to Victoria Day and 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. from Victoria Day to Labour Day. Support is provided outside of normal business hours subject to resource availability.

Special events – These include music events and movie nights unless the particular event requires attendance as part of a for credit course.

Last minute request – A last minute request is one that is not received by CSD within the timeframes outlined below.

2.0 Policy

University AV equipment cannot be used for personal use.

AV equipment is stored at Computing Services Help desk. The individual picking up AV equipment from the Helpdesk will sign for it and will be responsible for the safe return of the equipment. Equipment must be returned by the time indicated on the sign out form. Untimely return of equipment may result in withdrawal of booking privileges by the individual and/or the department they represent.

It is the Borrower's responsibility to make sure that all equipment is returned in good working condition. The individual or department responsible for signing out the equipment will be charged for loss or damages.

Non-return of equipment or return of equipment by students in a damaged state may result in action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Disagreements over the interpretation of this Policy and its related procedure shall be decided by the Director of Information Technology.

3.0 Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed one year after it’s effective date and every three years thereafter and either revised or confirmed.

 Audio Visual Policy — Procedures

1.0 Requesting AV Resources

1.1   All requests will be served on a first come first served basis.

1.2   All services are provided based on resource availability.
1.3   In order to provide time to process requests and schedule staff and other resources:

  • Requests must be received at least 15 business days in advance for services and support required outside of business hours.
  • This includes events that start at 8:30 a.m. if special arrangements must be made to have staff available before 8:30 a.m.

1.4     Requests must be received at least 2 business days in advance for services, support, and equipment required during business hours.
1.5     Bookings not received within the above time frames may result in additional charges of a minimum of 4 hours at the Staff Technician rate, or may be denied due to lack of resources.
1.6     Bookings for equipment and services must be made in 25Live. Audiovisual services for conferences (see Policy 7604, Use of Facilities and Services) must be booked through the Conference Office.
1.7     Bookings that include AV Setup must include setup time using the 25Live setup time feature. The Start time of the booking must indicate the actual start time of the event. Contact the CSD Helpdesk (helpdesk@mta.ca) if you require assistance with booking AV Setup or equipment.

2.0 Special Events

2.1  Large events, such as performances, conferences, multi-venue events, etc. Require considerable planning and should be booked months in advance in consultation with CSD staff.
2.2  Aetup of laptops and data projectors for repeat classes or meetings will be handled as follows:

  1. Equipment will be set up by CSD Staff for the first class.
  2. The instructor or a designate will be shown how to set it up.
  3. Equipment must be picked up and set up by the instructor or a designate for remaining classes.

3.0 Student Bookings

3.1  Bookings for student residence events are to be completed by the Residence Life Coordinator in Student Life.

3.2  MASU club and society bookings must be completed by the MASU Administrator or Office Manager.

3.3  Other student requests for equipment should be made through Samanage.

3.4  Laptops and data projectors will not be provided for gaming or parties.

3.5  Bookings for the use of AV equipment off campus, either by University students, staff or faculty, or by community groups will only be allowed by permission of the User Services Manager and a Faculty or Staff member must sign for the equipment.

4.0 Audio Visual Projects

To allow sufficient time for planning, procurement, installation, and programming, audio visual project requests must be received a minimum of 3 months prior to the desired installation date. Installations are generally scheduled during study breaks.

5.0 Charges

5.1  Computing Services reserves the right to charge for services. Charges will apply for Technician time for special events, performing arts, athletics, banquets, conferences, alumni events, and any event that has a fee to attend. Other events may incur charges. Requesters will be provided a quote for service estimates upon request or when the event is booked in 25Live.

Technician time will be billed to the organization or individual requesting the equipment.

5.2  Rates are posted on the Conference and Event Services website.

6.0 Procedure Review

This procedure will be reviewed one year after it’s effective date and every three years thereafter and either revised or confirmed.