Understanding the tuition and fee structure as well as deposit and refund dates can make it easier to navigate your way through the financial aspects of a university education.

Many students are also eligible for some form of financial aid to help cover costs. Explore the following links for more information on finances:

Tuition and fees
For a complete list of tuition, residence, and other fees, see the registrar's office – tuition and fees.

How to make a payment
To make a payment through internet banking, by cheque, bank transfer, cash or debit, see make a payment.

Deposits and refunds
For information about registration and residence deposits, withdrawal dates for courses and refunds, see deposits and refunds.

Financial aid — including scholarships and bursaries

Mountie Money - campus cardMountie Money
Mountie Money is cash loaded onto a student card that can be used to pay for meals on campus, printing and copying, library fees, and purchases at the bookstore. Parents can also add money to their student’s card online. For more info, see Mountie Money.

Student employment
To explore the numerous employment opportunities for students, both on-campus and in the community, see student employment.