Self-Medication Assessment Tool (SMAT)

This webpage presents training modules and the latest version of the Self-Medication Assessment Tool (SMAT) developed by Dr. Janice Irvine-Meek (Horizon Health Network) and Dr. Odette Gould (Mount Allison University) in New Brunswick, Canada.

Dr. Gould can be reached by e-mail at, or by telephone at (506) 364-2456.

The following materials are available:

SMAT testing form and instructions
Module 1 video

Video of Module 1, presenting background information about medication adherence in older patients, as well as the research supporting the development and use of the SMAT. (23 minutes)

Module 2 videos

Videos of Module 2, presenting detailed instructions on how to administer the SMAT: (It is recommended that you print the slides for these videos before watching).

Video of Module 2 - Part 1: Preparing for the Assessment (9 minutes)

Video of Module 2 - Part 2: Carrying out the Assessment (36 minutes)

Video of Module 2 - Part 3: After the Assessment (7 minutes)

Module 3 video

Video of Module 3: Scoring, Interpretation and Making Recommendations (7 minutes)

PowerPoint slides from videos

The PowerPoint slides used in the videos above are available for download through the following links:

Researchers and health care providers can use, reproduce, and distribute the materials provided here without cost and without obtaining written permission from the authors. When using the SMAT or the training videos, please acknowledge the copyright ownership as follows: (c) Irvine-Meek & Gould, 2013.

These materials may not be used or reproduced for commercial purposes.

For any questions pertaining to use, reproduction, or adaptation of these materials, please contact Odette Gould at