Mounties for life

01 Sept 2022

Krista Harrison ('01) and Sarah (Trenholm) Pennoyer ('07) volunteer to work with Mount Allison's women's basketball team

Two decades ago, Krista Harrison (’01) was a part of the Mounties Basketball team that made it to nationals twice in her four years as a player. As a local of Amherst, NS, her hometown newspaper proudly showcased headlines such as, “MtA’s Top Scholar Athlete; 4.0 GPA: Amherst Native Krista Harrison Wins Three Awards, Top Female.” Harrison was a very strong student and athlete during her time at Mount Allison and last fall she reconnected with Mount Allison Athletics as an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team.

Sarah (Trenholm) Pennoyer (’07) shares a similar story to Harrison. As a Mountie, Pennoyer was a great motivator and co-captain for the women’s basketball team. She exuded positivity on the court and balanced the workload of a science student when off the court. Recently, Pennoyer moved back to Cumberland County with her family after having been out west for ten years. Looking to become actively engaged in the community and do something that brought her joy, Pennoyer reached out to the athletics department last fall to see if they needed any volunteer support.

Krista Harrison ('01)
 Sarah (Trenholm) Pennoyer ('07)

As past student-athletes, Harrison and Pennoyer experienced firsthand the stress of balancing contending workloads and intimidating thoughts of “what comes next.” Both had great coaches during their time at Mount Allison, but there were no assistants to offer insights on these struggles that spanned outside of the physical gameplay. With this opportunity to give back as assistant coaches, Harrison and Pennoyer became the listening ears for the team.

It wasn’t always possible to make every practice or game due to other commitments that come with work and having a growing family, but both Harrison and Pennoyer had a great time getting to be a Mountie again and look forward to continuing to support athletics where they can!

If you are interested in volunteering with Mount Allison Athletics, please email and