Toni Roberts

Director, Purdy Crawford Teaching Centre; Lecturer


Toni Roberts (ABD), has a continuing appointment in Sociology and is the Purdy Crawford Professor of Teaching and Learning. Toni’s teaching focuses on the body, gender, sexuality, digital sociology and environmental sociology. Areas of interest include queer theory, feminist theory and poststructuralism and critical thought. Research on how technology is used to perform gender is of particular interest. Toni teaches in areas as diverse as psychology, sociology and environmental studies while also researching in these areas and also the scholarship of teaching and learning. Toni has a diverse educational background and diverse interests. Toni loves the outdoors, hiking (hiked Hadrian’s Wall for his 50th birthday) and sea kayaking with their dog Trinh.


Publications (selection) 
Student as Partners in University Course Development: Teaching, Technology and Pedagogy (current) 
Shifting focus in ASQs: Assessing Student Learning Through End of Term Evaluations (current) 
With Carla VanBeseleare, Student Engagement in Online and Face-to-face Courses (current) 
With Jessica Riddell, The Online Learning Teaching Consultant: Experiences of Students Across the Maple League Universities (current) 
Roberts, A. Forthcoming. Bodies Out of Bounds: Transsexuality as Transgression. The     Coming of Age of LGBTQ Studies: Past, Present, and Future. 

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  • Ph.D. (ABD), Sociology, UNB 
  • Ph.D. Cert in Teaching, Technology and Pedagogy, U of Sherbrooke 
  • M.E.S., Enviro Studies York 
  • M.A., Feminist Studies, U of T 
  • M.Ed, Philosophy of Ed, OISE 
  • B.A, Women’s Studies, Dal 
  • B.A., Philosophy, Mount Allison 
  • B.Sc., Chemistry, Mount Allison 


  • Sociology of Sex and Sexuality 
  • Gender Relations 
  • Representations of Social Problems 
  • Digital Sociology 
  • Environmental Sociology 
  • Sociology of the Body


  • Technology and the body 
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization in post-secondary education 
  • Students as partners in PSE 

Grants, awards & honours

3M National Teaching Fellowship (2021/22), nominated (decision pending) 
The 3M National Teaching Fellowship is Canada’s most prestigious recognition of excellence in educational leadership and teaching at the post-secondary level. 
D2L Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning (2022), nominated (decision pending) 
Celebrates and recognizes post-secondary educators for their innovative approaches that promote student-centred teaching and learning, 
Social Sciences Teaching Award (2020) 
Awarded for excellence in teaching in the social sciences.  
MASU Teaching Excellence Award (2020 – nominated) 
Awarded by the Mount Allison Student Union for excellence in teaching, mentorship and overall service. 
J.E.A. Crake Teaching Development Award (2017, 2018 and 2019) 
Funding awarded for development of pedagogical practice, research and activities to enhance teaching and learning. 
Vice-President Academic and Provost’s Research Fund (2016) 
Funding awarded to complete research on representations of trans* communities and medical institutions online. 
Vice President’s Innovation Fund (2011) 
Awarded to complete research on effectiveness of using iPads in the classroom. 
Purdy Crawford Award of Excellence (2009) 
Awarded for significant contribution to the University beyond expectation.