Qi Guo

Assistant Professor


Qi Guo is an assistant professor of Accounting in the Commerce Department at Mount Allison University. She received her doctoral degree in Business Administration (Accountancy) from the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She also holds a BA and MA in Finance.
Her research interests focus on financial accounting, voluntary disclosure, corporate governance and investor relations. She teaches financial accounting and managerial accounting topics at undergraduate  level. 


Guo, Q., Kryzanowski, L., Li, M. and Zhang, J. (2021). Share-loan pledging and relaxation of share-repurchase restrictions in China. Accounting & Finance, 61(5), 5925-5964.


Ph.D. in Accountancy, Concordia University, Canada


COMM 3131 - Cost Accounting
COMM 3421 - Production Operations Management
COMM 2121 - Introduction to Financial Accounting II


Dr. Guo's recent research focuses on corporate financial communications with information intermediaries and investors. Using quantitative research methods, she examines public firms’ private meetings and interactive communications with investors and their impacts on the capital market.
She is also interested in some developing research topics, such as the role of disclosure in investor relations, responsible organizations, and corporate eco-innovation.  
Dr. Guo also does cross-disciplinary research and seeks opportunities to integrate accounting with related disciplines such as finance and management.