Moe Hashemi

Assistant Professor


Dr. Moe Hashemi has been an assistant professor in the Commerce Department of Mount Allison University since July 2022.  His research and teaching are primarily focused on strategic management and business-society interactions.  In particular, Dr. Hashemi is interested in the following:

Corporate Governance, Top Management Teams, and Business Ethics: How to build more effective yet ethical boards and top executive teams. 

Corporate Social Responsibilities and Business-Society interactions: How do businesses and non-profit organizations collaborate with various stakeholders to meet society's expectations?

Disruptive Technologies, Society, and Public Policy: How do technological advancements in different areas affect people and businesses and call for  changes in public policies and government regulations?

Before joining Mount Allison University, Dr. Hashemi was an LTA Assistant Professor at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, during the 2021-2022  academic year.  Moreover, Dr. Hashemi was a part-time lecturer at McGill University and HEC Montreal between 2022-2022, where he taught several courses in the undergraduate and MBA programs. 

Moe holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of Tehran in collaboration with HEC Montreal.  He completed his dissertation on the behavioural dynamics of the board of directors and top executives' interactions.  After finishing his Ph.D., Moe continued his research on corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities for two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Chair of Strategy & Society Management in HEC Montreal. 

Since 2020, Moe has also been involved in a nationwide project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research council (SSHRC) on digital mobility platforms, collaborating with five Canadian universities.  He is extending his research program using a newly awarded fund from New Brunswick innovation Fund (NBIF) in the Atlantic Canadian region.  Having presented several articles at the Academy of Management (AoM), European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Adminstrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) annual meetings and other prestigious conferences, Moe is collaborating on journal publications and book chapters with co-authors from various universities across the globe.   

Besides his academic profile, Dr. Hashemi has over eight years of experience as a strategist, marketing director, and CEO advisor in banking and financial services, internet and communication technology (ICT) companies, management development and consultancy institutions, and holding corporations. Moe has also founded a start-up company in his homeland that provides promotion-based marketing services to various local businesses via a mobile app.  


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2019 - Ph.D., Business Policy (Strategic Management), the University of Tehran, in collaboration with the Chair of Strategy and Society Management (HEC Montreal) as a visiting scholar during the Ph.D. 

2014: Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, University of Tehran. 

2011: Bachelor of Business Management, University of Tehran.  


COMM 4311 - Strategic Management

COMM 4341 - Business Ethics

COMM 3341 - Organizational Theory