Lauren Beck

Professor, Visual & Material Culture Studies
Hart Hall 418


Dr. Lauren Beck specializes in the visual culture of the early-modern Atlantic world, with interests in text-and-image relations, historical cartography, and marginalized voices. She holds the Canada Research Chair in Intercultural Encounter and is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at Mount Allison University and editor of Terrae Incognitae . Her recent publications include Visualizing the Text: From Manuscript Culture to Caricature (co-edited with C. Ionescu, University of Delaware Press, 2017); Canada before Confederation: Maps from the Exhibition  (co-authored with C. Van Duzer, Vernon Press, 2017); and Transforming the Enemy in Spanish Culture: The Conquest through the Lens of Visual and Textual Multiplicity  (Cambria Press, 2013). Her articles have appeared in several journals, including most recently Renaissance Quarterly  and Journal of Women's History . She currently holds several external grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Canada History Fund, and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.


1. Select peer-reviewed books and special journal issues:

Canada's Place Names and How to Change Them. Concordia University Press, 2022.

The Cultural History of Exploration [6 vols.]. Series editor. Bloomsbury Press, forthcoming.

Mitji: Let's Eat. Mi'kmaq Recipes from Sikniktuk. Co-authored with M. Augustine. Nimbus Press, forthcoming.

Illustrating the Cid. Queens-McGill University Press, 2019.

Firsting in the Early Modern Transatlantic World, Routledge, 2019.

The Golden Anniversary Issue  [Special issue], Terrae Incognitae  50.3 (2018).

Visualizing the Text: From Manuscript Culture to Caricature . Co-edited with C. Ionescu. University of Delaware Press, 2017.    

Canada before Confederation: Maps from the Exhibition . Co-authored with C. Van Duzer. Vernon Press, 2017.

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Transforming the Enemy in Spanish Culture: The Conquest through the Lens of Visual and Textual Multiplicity . Cambria Press, 2013.

2. Recent book chapters:

"Unsettling Spanish Atlantic History: Toward a Scholarship Invested in Visual and Material Culture," in  Firsting in the Early-Modern Transatlantic World , ed. Lauren Beck. Routledge, 2019.

"Firsting: The Architecture of Decolonizing Scholarship on the Early-Modern Transatlantic World," in  Firsting in the Early-Modern Transatlantic World , ed. Lauren Beck. Routledge, 2019.

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3. Recent articles:

"The Persistence of Early-Modern Metadata in Online Environments and the Endurance of Imperial Discourse," HumanÍstica 90 (2021).

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