Jackie Jacob-Vogels

Lab Instructor; Lab Technician
Crabtree 226A
Office hours
By appointment


Broderick, T.L., Driedzik, W.R., Gillis, M., Jacob, J., and Belke, T. (2001). Effects of chronic food restriction and exercise training on the recovery of cardiac function following ischemia. Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences, 56, 33-37.

Krank, M.D., Jacob, J., O'Neill, S. & Finley, G. (1992). Pavlovian conditioning with cyclosporin enhances survival from infectious peritonitis. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 30(1), 71-73.


B. Sc. Mount Allison University


Psychology 2101: Biopsychology

Psychology 2301: Social Psychology

Psychology 3101: Human Neuropsychology

Psychology 3111: Conditioning

Psychology 3211: Sensation and Perception

Psychology 3221: Psycholinguistics

Psychology 3401: Language Development in Children