Ilisha French

Lab Instructor/Technician
Crabtree 224A
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My role as a lab instructor stems from an eclectic background in psychology and health research. I graduated from the Psychology Department at Mount Allison in 2013 and, alongside the completion of two directed studies in Aging research, I completed my Honour’s thesis in human sexuality under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton. Our research examining pornography use in young adults was published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy in 2017. Following my undergraduate degree, I worked for several years as a research assistant and coordinator at the University of Ottawa in the Department of Family Medicine. Upon returning to New Brunswick, I worked as a clinical administrator in sleep medicine and as a patient coordinator in biologic pharmaceuticals. My recent return to Mount Allison as a lab instructor allows me to provide support to the professors in the department while teaching students valuable skills in applied psychological research.


Wong, S.T., Hogg, W., Burge, F., Johnston, S., French, I., & Blackman, S. (2018). Using the CollaboraKTion framework to report on primary care practice recruitment and data collection: Costs and successes in a cross-sectional practice-based survey in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia, Canada. BMC Family Practice. 19(87).

French, I., & Hamilton, L.D. (2017). Male-centric and female-centric pornography consumption: Relationship with sexual behavior and attitudes in young adults. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 44(1), 73-86.

Gould, O.N., Dupuis-Blanchard, S., & French, I. (2016). L’importance de planifier en vue du vieillissement de la population: Notre ville est-elle amie des aînés?. Journal of New Brunswick Studies, 7(1), 87-104.


Mount Allison University, B.A with Honours in Psychology (2013)


Psychology 2001A: Research Design and Analysis I

Psychology 2301A: Social Psychology