Ian McFarlane

Resident Designer


Ian McFarlane is a scenographer, a theatre maker and a puppeteer whose work expands on the disciplines of material performance, ecoscenography and sensory ethnography. Creating for the theatre, community advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration, his practice fosters a fusion of landscape poetics, regenerative invention and performative alchemy.
Ian has worked with such companies as the Canadian Academy of Mask and Puppetry (Calgary, AB), Bread and Puppet Theater (Vermont), as well as co-founded Mudfoot Theatre (Calgary, AB). He received an MFA in Contemporary Art from Simon Fraser University and co-created North Barn Theatre where he has designed, created and performed several touring performances, films and public processions. Ian also serves as Director of Production for the River Clyde Pageant in New Glasgow, PEI where he has designed and coordinated several large-scale, community-led productions (one of which graces the Spring 2023 cover of the Canadian Theatre Review!)

Canadian Theatre Review, Spring 2023, cover image of a procession of a right whale puppet designed by Ian McFarlane at the 2018 River Clyde Pageant in New Glasgow, PEI

Ian's inspirations are explored in the Fall 2023 Argosy article.