Diana Hamilton

Department Head; Professor
Flemington Room 104


I am a field ecologist with particular interest in interactions between birds and intertidal communities. The bulk of my research focuses on stopover ecology of migrating shorebirds, community-level interactions among intertidal invertebrates, and top-down and bottom-up effects in marine systems. Honours and graduate students are heavily involved in all aspects of my research.

I enjoy teaching a broad range of biological subjects, with a particular interest in quantitative field ecology and statistics and experimental design.

Additional information about my work can be found on my personal website.


For a list of publications, please visit my research website.


B.Sc. McGill (1990)

M.Sc. University of Western Ontario (1992)

Ph.D. University of Guelph (1997)


Biology 4711 - Advanced Design and Statistical Analysis, Winter


For information on current and recent research, please visit my research website.