Declaration of intention to complete the MFC Training Integrated Commercial Pilot Courses (ICPC) program

This form is intended for use by current B.A., B.Sc., B.Comm., Aviation students who intend to complete flight training credits via the 12-month (52 week) ICPC program. Please note, the Category 1 Medical Certificate is required prior to enrolling in ICPC. 

Please note, students enrolled in the ICPC program will:

  • Pay tuition fees directly to MFC Training
  • Remain active students at Mount Allison
  • Be registered in placeholder credits at Mount Allison to indicate their enrolment in the ICPC program (no associated fees or credit value; placeholder credits simply track enrolment in ICPC)
  • Not normally be permitted to take courses at Mount Allison while enrolled in the ICPC program
  • Be permitted to register for Mount Allison courses in any upcoming terms for which they plan to resume studies at Mount Allison (for example, if the ICPC program will conclude in December, students may register for Winter term courses at Mount Allison when registration opens for that term)

Contact information

Degree program:

Have you consulted with MFC Training about your intention to complete the ICPC program:

Do you intend to complete the ICPC program after you complete the Mount Allison credits required for your degree, or before you complete the Mount Allison credits required for your degree?

(i.e. after you have completed a minimum of 84 credits at Mount Allison towards your degree)
(i.e. you have not yet completed 84 credits at Mount Allison and you are taking a break from your Mount Allison courses to enroll in the ICPC program)
Please indicate the term and year (i.e. Fall 2023 and Winter 2024).
Please indicate the graduating month and year (i.e. May 2024 or October 2024).