Book and course material loan application form | Mount Allison

Book and course material loan application form

Mount Allison University offers a loan program to aid in the purchase of course materials and textbooks on a per term basis. Should your current cash flow or available funds prevent you from purchasing your books to begin your studies, we highly recommend you consider a this loan program. The full cost of funds borrowed from the university will be applied to your student account.

To be considered for a book and course material loan, please complete the form below.

* Indicates required field

For which term are you seeking a book and course material loan?

Have you applied for a government student loan for the current academic year/term?

Has your loan been disbursed to you?

(For instance: Has your loan been sent to MtA and applied to your student account or has it been deposited directly into your financial institution bank account?)

To be approved for a book and course material loan, the applicant must demonstrate their ability to make future payments towards balance of approved loan. What resources do you plan to access to make payments on loan?

You can find this value on your student loan notice of assessment.

Do you have a financial institution Student Line of Credit that you will use towards payment of educational related expenses?

Book and course material loan maximum values are provided in $250 increments to a total of $1,250. Please select the maximum value of the loan you wish to be approved for.

Note: While you have requested a specific loan value, your student account will only be charged for the total cost of your purchase as determined at the point of purchase.

Book and course material loans are intended to only cover required course material (ie: fine arts kit) and text books. Book loans cannot be used for writing supplies or general merchandise in the bookstore. Please select the items you intend to purchase with the use of this loan.

Terms and conditions

To submit your application for a book and course material loan, all applicants must read and agree to the following terms and conditions, acknowledging you understand your responsibility to repay.

I understand that this loan cannot be used for general merchandise within the bookstore

I wish to be approved for the maximum loan value as requested within the application and take full responsibility for repayment

I have read and agree to the interest charge policy as outlined in the academic calendar section 4.4.3 (Copied below)

Once your bookstore charges are applied to your account, should your account hold an outstanding balance you will be subject to the following interest charges and late fees.

4.4.3 Interest Charge: Interest will be applied to outstanding balances at the rate of 1.0% per month until paid in full (12.68% per annum compounded)

I understand that the full value of charges for my purchase will be placed onto my student financial account and I take full responsibility for repayment. Should I not be able to make payment, I will contact Accounts Receivable in Financial Services ( to discuss payment plans