Senior citizen bursary application form

Mount Allison students who will be 65 years of age or older prior to the first day of classes in the term that their studies commence may be eligible for a bursary subject to the following conditions:

  • Applicant must be admitted to the university and registered in full-time or part-time studies for credit or audit.

  • Apply as early as Aug. 1 for the academic school year when you have completed your registration for courses. This application must be received no later than the respective term bursary application deadlines: fall term — Nov. 1; winter term — Mar. 1.

  • Applicant must declare financial need.

Find out more information under Senior Citizen Bursary FAQ.

Please be advised that your application form will remain confidential and only be used for the purpose of assessing the bursary application.

Before you begin to fill in this form, make sure you have:

  • student ID number
  • estimated gross income and spouse's estimated gross income (if applicable) for the current year
  • other income (e.g. rental, annuity)
  • amount of any student loans and bank loans or line of credits for educational purposes
  • anticipated earnings and other sources of income
  • anticipated expenses (rent/mortgage, telephone/heat/hydro, groceries, tuition, transportation, etc.)

All sections of this application must be completed, including the detailed budget.

This form is best viewed on a desktop, or a laptop computer. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will not provide an optimal display.

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Personal information

Citizenship status

Marital status

Spouse/partner information

Married or common law applicants must provide income and resources for both spouses/partners.


Please add details of the applicant's dependents using the 'Add' function below as required.
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Academic and course information

Please note: Processing of the bursary application is contingent on completed registration by the student. Please contact the financial aid and awards counsellor if any changes occur to your original registration(s).

I am applying for

I will be studying

Year in program

Employment information

Current employment status

Spouse's/partner's current employment status

Income information

Type of income you expect to receive during your program of study (check all that apply)

Are you receiving assistance under the Canada Student Loan and/or NB Integrated Student Loan programs?

Do you have a bank loan or line of credit for educational purposes?

Annual budget

Please include all study periods in the academic school year.

Resources Expenses

Applicant's declaration and authorization

Please read and check the box below if you agree with the following statements:
  • I understand that submission of this application does not guarantee a bursary will be awarded and that I will be notified, in writing, when a decision is made on this application.

  • I understand and accept that the following information must accompany this application.

    • Copies of my student loan assessments (if applicable) for the academic year and/or any bank loan documents for the academic year.

    • Bank account statements (include statements for all your bank accounts.) Statements must show transactions over the past 30 days prior to submitting this application. Statements showing account balances only will not be accepted.

  • I understand and accept that the University reserves the right to require additional information to complete the assessment of this bursary.

  • I declare that all information and documentation provided is, to the best of my knowledge, a complete and accurate statement of my financial status, and I hereby request consideration for assistance from the funds made available for this purpose by the University.

  • I authorize the release by Mount Allison University of information about any financial assistance that may be awarded to me as a result of this application, upon request by any federal or provincial student financial aid office to which I make an application for financial assistance, or upon request by a donor funding the bursary.

  • I authorize the University to contact my sources of funds, and to verify information provided, if this is deemed to be necessary.

  • I understand and accept that failure to disclose complete and accurate information may result in my bursary application being revoked.

Additional information

Please check as applicable.

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