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Alumni Book Club

Are you interested in reading and discussing books by Allisonian authors?

Join the Mount Allison Alumni Book Club!

The virtual MtA Alumni Book Club aims to meet three times a year to discuss books by Allisonian authors. Join us to read, discuss, and submit questions to our authors.

2022-2023 books

The first book for the 2022-2023 season is A Womb in the Shape of a Heart: My Story of Miscarriage and Motherhood by Joanne Gallant ('08), which we will discuss on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 7 PM (AST). Register to attend.

For our second meeting, we will be joined by alumni children's book authors Nicholas Oldland (’94), Angela Peter-Paul (’99), Florence Mazerolle (’99), Whitney Moran (’08), and Tess Casher (’23) to discuss their inspiration and process. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 7 PM (AST). Register to attend.

2021-2022 books

For its inaugural season, the Mount Allison Alumni Book Club read and discussed three books written by Allisonian authors: Lay Figures by Dr. Mark Blagrave ('77), The Sound of Fire by Renée Belliveau ('17), and Hammer & Nail: Notes of a Journeywoman by Kate Braid (’67).


If you are interested in joining the book club, there are two ways that you can join:

1) Sign up to be on the email list (simply message and express interest)

2) Join the Facebook Group where you can find out more about the books the club is reading, take part in discussion questions, and get reminders about upcoming meetings.

The meetings are only an hour-long, with small breakout rooms introduced throughout which allow members the chance to meet new people and express their thoughts!


Books by Allisonian Authors

The Alumni Book Club is proud to showcase Allisonian authors and their works. The list below is divided by class decade and alphabetized by last name of author. If you know of any books (all forms of literature) by an MtA alum that we have not yet added to our list, please let us know by emailing

Author Book Genre
Black, J. Larry ('58) Russia After 2020: Looking Ahead after Two Decades of Putin Politics
   Return of the Cold War. Ukraine, the West, and Russia Politics
  The Russian Presidency of Dmitry Medvedev. The Next Step Forward, or Merely a Time Out? Politics
  Black's War. From New Brunswick's 8th Hussars to California's Corlett's 'Long Knives,' 1940-44 History
  Russia After 2012: Continuity, Change, or Revolution? Politics
  From Putin to Medvedev: Continuity or Change? Politics
  The Gouzenko Affair. Canada and the Beginnings of Cold War Counter-Espionage History
  Vladimir Putin and the New World Order Politics
  The Peasant Kingdom. Canada in the 19th Century Russian Imagination History
  Russia Faces NATO Expansion Politics
  Canada in the Soviet Mirror. Ideology and Perception in Soviet Foreign Affairs, 1917-1991 History
Colwell, Frederic S. ('56) Rivermen: A Romantic Iconography of the River and the Source Literary Cri ticism
  A Feast of Ashes Fiction
Dewar, Robert ('57) Human Factors in Traffic Safety (co-authored with Paul Olson) Academic
  Forensic Aspects of Driver Perceptions and Response (co-authored with Paul Olson and E. Farber) Academic
Griffin, Jean (Connell)('55) If You Can't, I Will Fiction
Author Book Genre
Braid, Kate ('67) Hammer & Nail: Notes of a Journeywoman Memoir
  Journeywoman: Swinging a Hammer in a Man's World Memoir
  Emily Carr: Rebel Artist Biography
  Red Bait! Struggles of a Mine Mill Local (co-authored with Al King)  
  Elemental Poetry
  Rough Ground Revisited Poetry
  Turning Left to the Ladies Poetry
  A Well-Mannered Storm: The Glenn Gould Poems Poetry
  Inward to the Bones: Georgia O'Keefe's Journey with Emily Carr Poetry
  To this Cedar Fountain Poetry
  Covering Rough Ground Poetry
Cameron, Ian ('64) Quarantine, What is Old is New: Halifax and the Lawlor's Island Quarantine Station: 1866-1938 History
Fowler, Albert ('66) Peacetime Padres: Canadian Protestant Military Chaplains, 1945-1995 History
Lockerby, Earle ('62) Pathways to the Present: A History of Hamilton, PEI Social history
  Deportation of the Prince Edward Island Acadians History
  Jeremiah Bancroft at Fort Beauséjour & Grand-Pré (co-authored with Joanthan Fowler) History
Lockerby, Earle ('62)  AND Douglas Sobey ('69) Samuel Holland: His Work and Legacy on Prince Edward Island  History, Geography
MacLachlan Gray, John ('68) Not Quite Dead Historical fiction, mystery
  The Fiend in Human Mystery, Detective
  The White Angel Historical fiction, mystery
  Vile Spirits Historical fiction, mystery
  White Stone Day Mystery
Sanford, Emerson ('64) AND Beck, Janice Sanford ('97) Life of the Trail (8-volume series) Travel guide
Swan, D. Alan ('67) Bad Things... Fiction, Mystery
  Drugs, Liars, and Cats Fiction, Mystery
Wolfe, Douglas ('68) Moose and the Wolfe Memoir
Author Book Genre
Blagrave, Mark ('77) Lay Figures Historical fiction, Literary
  Salt in the Wounds Literary fiction
  Silver Salts Historical fiction, Literary
Blair, Peggy ('77) Hungry Ghosts Mystery, Detective
  The Beggar's Opera Mystery, Detective
  The Poisoned Pawn Mystery, Detective
  Umbrella Man Mystery, Detective
Boyd, David K. R. ('74) The Adventures of Wordsy and Jess (series) Children's books
  Champlain Summer Children's book
  Looking for a Hero (trilogy) Young Adult
  On the Lines: the Adventures of a Linesman in the N.H.L. (co-authored with Ron Finn) Biography
  The Adventures of Milo the Wonderdog (series) Children's books
  Timeline (series) Children's books
  Aftermath Young Adult
  Runner Young Adult
  The Grief Team (as David Collins) Adult
  My Mom Always Yells Too Loud in the Arena and Other Poems About Hockey Children's book
  The Reflecting Man (series) Adult
Boyd, Harris ('73) Travels and Tribulations Autobiography
Briggs, Sandy ('75) Earle J. Briggs: An Honourable Life Biography
  My Mountains: Excerpts from a Life in Progress Memoir
  Greenland 1977: A Personal Account of the 1977 University of St. Andrews Greenland Expedition Non-fiction
Brown, Linda Dawn ('73) Finding Us Children's book
Calcott, Rhian ('74) The Last Goin' Off Historical fiction
Coulter Sanford, Janet ('71) Memories on the Bounty Memoir
Eden Hermann, Lorraine (Boyd)('70) Research Methods in International Business Business
  The Economics of Transfer Pricing Business
  The Ethical Professor: A Practical Guide to Research, Teaching, and Professional Life Academic
  Governance, Multinationals and Growth Business
  Taxing Multinationals: Transfer Pricing and Corporate Income Taxation in North America Business
  Multinationals in North America Business
  Multinationals in the Global Economy Business
  Retrospectives on Public Finance Business
  Multinationals and Transfer Pricing Business
Hannah, Don ('73) Ragged Island Fiction
  Shoreline: Three Plays by Don Hannah Drama
  The Cave Painter and the Woodcutter Drama
  The Wedding Script Drama
  The Wise and Foolish Virgins Fiction
  While We're Young Drama
Harding, Suzanne (Brewer) ('79) AND Williamson, Sara ('10) (illustrator) I Keep the Purple Ones Children's book
MacLeod, Susan ('76) Dying for Attention: A Graphic Memoir of Nursing Home Care Memoir, Graphic
Smith-Nochasak, Anne M. ('77) A Canoer of Shorelines Magic realism
Stallworthy, Bob ('72) Under the Sky Speaking Poetry
  From a Call Box Poetry
  Optics Poetry
  Things that Matter Now Poetry
  Impact Statement Poetry
Steeves, Gary ('72) Tranquility Lost: The Occupation of Tranquille and Battle for Community Care in BC Biography
Verschuren, Annette ('78) Bet on Me: Leading and Succeeding in Business and in Life Self-help
Author Book Genre  
Barr, Odette ('88) Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart! Children's book  
  Follow the Goose Butt to Nova Scotia Children's book  
  Take off to Tantramar Children's book  
  Teaching at the Top of the World Memoir  
Colbourne, Rick ('84) Indigenous  Wellbeing and Enterprise: Self-Determination and Sustainable Economic Development Indigenous, Business, Community  
Crooks, James ('80) We Find Ourselves Put to the Test: A Reading of the Book of Job Philosophy, Religion   
Hanomansing, Ian ('83) Pandemic Spotlight: Canadian Doctors at the Front of the COVID-19 Fight Biography, Health  
Henry, Bonnie and Lynn ('86) Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe: Four Weeks that Shapes a Pandemic Biography, Memoir  
Jobb, Dean ('80) Daring, Devious, and Deadly: True Tales of Crime and Justice from Nova Scotia's Past True crime  
  Empire of Deception: The Incredible Story of a Master Swindler Who Seduced a City and Captivated a Nation True crime, Biography  
  Madness, Mayhem, and Murder: More True Tales of Crime and Justice from Nova  Scotia's Past True crime  
  The Acadians: A People's Story of Exile and Triumph History  
  The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream: The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer True crime, Biography  
Rhindress, Charlie ('86) Flying on Her Own Drama  
  I'm Not What I Seem: The Many Stories of Rita MacNeil's Life Biography  
  Stompin' Tom Connors: The Myth and the Man Biography  
Rose, Stefan A. ('87, '89, '91) The House that Stands Poetry, Chapbook  
  Grand River: Grand Conversations Poetry, Chapbook, Pictorial  
Author Book Genre
Beck, Janice Sanford ('97) No Ordinary Woman: The Story of Mary Schaffer Warren Biography
  Life on the Trail (8-volume series) (co-authored with Emerson Sanford ('64)) Travel
Betasamosake Simpson, Leanne ('95) A Short History of the Blockade: Giant Beavers, Diplomacy, and Regeneration in Nishnaabewin Indigenous, History, Politics
  As We Have Always Done: Indigenous Freedom Through Radical Resistance Indigenous, History, Politics
  Dancing on our Turtle's Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New Emergence Indigenous, Politics
  Islands of Decolonial Love: Stories and Songs Indigenous, Short stories
  Noopiming: The Cure for White Ladies Indigenous, Poetry
  Rehearsals for Living (co-authored with Robyn Maynard) Indigenous, Non-fiction
  The Gift is in the Making: Anishinaabeg Stories Indigenous, Stories
  This Accident of Being Lost: Songs and Stories Indigenous, Short stories
Cooke, Krista ('96) Material Traces of War: Stories of Canadian Women and Conflict, 1914-1945 Biography, History
Crockett, Rigel ('97) Fair Wind and Plenty of It: A Modern-Day Tall-Ship Adventure Biography, Travel
Duffin, Andrew ('90) Plowed Under: Agriculture and Environment in the Palouse History
Eaton, Chris ('94) Symphony No. 3 Historical fiction, Biographical
  The Grammar Architect Literary fiction
  The Inactivist Fiction
Glenn Norris, Laurie ('95) Cumberland County: Facts and Folklore Social Science, History
  Found Drowned Historical fiction, Mystery
  Haunted Girl: Esther Cox and the Great Amherst Mystery Historical non-fiction
Halebsky, Judy ('96) Sky=Empty Poetry
  Space/Gap/Interval/Distance Poetry
  Spring and a Thousand Years (Unabridged): Poems Poetry
  Tree Line Poetry
  Yuba Flows Poetry
Johansen, K. V. ('90) Blackdog High fantasy
  Gods of Nabban High fantasy, Supernatural
  Nightwalker High fantasy
  Pippin and Pudding Children's book
  The Last Road High fantasy
  The Leopard High fantasy
  The Shadow Road High fantasy
LeBlanc, Michael ('93, '95) The 10 Habits of Happy Couples: An Essential Guide on How to Create and Maintain a Loving Relationship Self-help
Mazerolle, Florence AND Peter-Paul, Angela ('99) Four Languages (series) Children's book, Indigenous
Oldland, Nicholas ('94) Hockey in the Wild Children's book
  One Wild Christmas Children's book
  Walk on the Wild Side Children's book
  Up the Creek Children's book
  Dinosaur Countdown Children's book
  The Busy Beaver Children's book
  Making the Moose Out of Life Children's book
  Big Bear Hug Children's book
Peters, Amanda ('99) The Berry Pickers Fiction, Indigenous
Ryan, Tom ('99) A Giant Man from a Tiny Town: A Story of Angus MacAskill Children's book
  Big Time Young Adult, Romance
  I Hope You're Listening Fiction, LGBTQ+
  Keep This to Yourself Young Adult, Mystery
  Pop Quiz Young Adult, Performing Arts
  When You Get the Chance Young Adult, LGBTQ+
Tansey, Claire ('97) Uncomplicated Cookbook
  Dinner, Uncomplicated Cookbook
Turner, Natasha ('93) The Carb Sensitivity Program Self-help
  The Hormone Diet Self-help
Winger, Rob ('97) It Doesn't Matter What We Meant: Poems Poetry
  Muybridge's Horse Poetry
  Old Hat Poetry
  The Chimney Stone Poetry
Author Book Genre
Beaton, Kate ('05) Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands Adult graphic novel
  Hark! A Vagrant Comic
  King Baby Children's book
  The Princess and the Pony Children's book
Besner, Linda ('03) Feel Happier in Nine Seconds Poetry
Callaghan, Jodie ('05) The Train Children's book, Indigenous
Finlay, Triny ('00) Histories Haunt Us Fiction
  Myself a Paperclip Poetry, Mental Health
  Phobic Poetry
  Splitting Off Poetry
Gallant, Joanne ('08) A Womb in the Shape of a Heart: My Story of Miscarriage and Motherhood Autobiography, memoir
Hathaway, Luke ('01) All the Daylight Hours: Poems Poetry
  Groundwork Poetry
  The Affirmations Poetry
  Years, Months, and Days Poetry
Houle, Jennifer ('04) The Back Channels Poetry
  Virga Poetry
Kerr, Matthew P. M. ('06) The Victorian Novel and the Problems of Marine Language Literary criticism
Moran, Whitney ('08) East Coast Crafted: The Essential Guide to the Beers, Breweries, and Brewpubs of Atlantic Canada (co-authored with Christopher Reynolds)  Non-fiction, Travel
  I Want to Build a Seahouse Children's book
Myles, David ('03) Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo Children's book
Theobald, Andrew ('00) "Dangerous Enemy Sympathizers": Canadian Internment Camp B, 1940-1945 History
  The Bitter Harvest of War: New Brunswick and the Conscription Crisis of 1917 Biography, History
Trafford, Matthew J. ('02) The Divinity Gene Fiction
Tuner, Ryan ('00) What We're Made Of Short stories
  Half-Sisters and Other Stories Short stories
Winter, Bess ('08) Machines of Another Era Short stories
Author Book Genre
Allaby, Patrick ('15) Martin Peters Comic
  The Water Lover Biographical, Comic
Belliveau, Renée ('17) The Sound of Fire Historical fiction, Literary
  Les étoiles à l'aube Memoir
de Niverville, Abigail ('15) I Knew Him Young Adult fiction, LGBTQ+
  Midnight Poetry
  Poems Worth Saving Poetry
  We Go Together Young Adult fiction, LGBTQ+
Gould, Xavier ('17) Des fleurs comme moi Poetry, LGBTQ+
Hassencahl-Perley, Emma ('17) Wabanaki Modern (co-authored with John Leroux) Non-fiction, Indigenous Art
McKnight, Lori ('12) Rebecca Children's book
Zarum, Dave ('11) NBA 75: The Definitive History Sports, non-fiction