Solidifying a passion for the arts with Paige Crosby: Summer Student Internship    

09 Nov 2023
Art history student Paige Crosby was a Lassonde Intern in the Arts with the Art Gallery of Hamilton this past summer through the Experiential Learning & Career Development Internship Program at Mount Allison. 

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I found the research that came along with this job the most exciting. I went into this internship with some past work experience in researching and I was really drawn to working more with it. I was so lucky to have a supervisor who allowed me to explore areas that I am really passionate about. Gathering information and tracking down art pieces was fulfilling and rewarding!

Art history student Paige Crosby was a Lassonde Intern in the Arts with the Art Gallery of Hamilton this past summer.

What is your takeaway from this experience?

Heading into this internship I was in the mindset that I was going to pursue more education and almost stay out of the workforce as long as possible because the unknown made me nervous. This internship and organization have allowed me to see that the workforce can be really exciting when you are doing something that you love because it doesn’t feel like work. I feel very grateful to have had this experience to teach me that I am in the right place.

What knowledge and skills did you develop?

Working with many departments and groups of people allowed me to gain a variety of skills. I really enjoyed working collaboratively and I developed in ways I wouldn't even imagine. I found myself asking more questions and enjoying working with a team to achieve a common goal.

How has this internship impacted your university experience?

I think my organization has improved tremendously. This will hopefully continue through to my university courses and potentially through to graduate programs if I decide I want to pursue that route. I worked on my notetaking. Being able to master these skills in a safe environment and bring them to my university career will be very beneficial!

What has this experience shown you about potential career paths?

I have a better understanding of the direction I want to take in my career. I had a very narrow idea of what I wanted to do post-graduation and this internship opened my eyes. I've been introduced to the curatorial world throughout my degree a bit and it has been something that I've been interested in, but I haven't really had the desire to be full-time curator until this experience. It was so fun to explore new things and find where my interests are in a safe and welcoming environment. I am realizing the world is my oyster and it's both scary and exciting!

What have you learned about what fuels your fire?

I am so passionate about the arts and I feel so grateful to have had this internship to help me solidify that I am in the right place. I started my university career in sciences and knew immediately that it wasn’t for me. I then transferred to the arts program and found a space that felt right. This internship has solidified my passion and I am happy I am able to experience everything I have so far.
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This internship is funded by the Lassonde Family Foundation.


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