The Mounties: Andrew Cundill

14 Feb 2020

Cundill_mainThird-year Badminton Mountie Andrew Cundill came to Mount Allison from Winnipeg, MB. After touring East Coast universities, being able to continue playing badminton at a high level helped him make his decision to attend Mount Allison.

Cundill has been playing badminton since the age of 12 at the Winnipeg Winter Club. Playing mostly singles, he competed annually in the Prairie Junior Elite Series, the Manitoba Provincial Championships, as well as an appearance at Junior National Championships.

“I got into the sport young and fell in love with it,” says Cundill. “I enjoy playing singles the most, but I really like the ACAA team format because you're not just competing for yourself, you're representing the whole team,” he says.

Cundill says his greatest strength in the game is his movement on the court, but he is pleased that his entire game has improved since arriving at Mount Allison.

He was recently named Athlete of the Week for his performance at an ACAA tournament at King’s. Cundill placed first in men’s B side singles, scoring his team 10 points. In doubles action, he and his teammate Josef Gonzalez placed second, scoring seven points. Mount Allison finished the tournament in second place with 70 points.Cundill_main2

Cundill was named Rookie of the Year for badminton in his first year. His most memorable sporting moment was in his second year, when he and his doubles partner Will Khoi Ngo came out on top in the ACAA championships, placing first in their category.

Being a student-athlete at Mount Allison, he says, has added a lot to his experience.

“It has been nice to continue playing the sport I love here,” he says. “It has helped me meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends.”

A political science student, Cundill plans to pursue graduate studies in political science or public policy.


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