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Mount Allison professor working to establish international organization for teaching fellows

18 Feb 2016

Elizabeth_Wells_International_Teaching_Fellows_FedPost-secondary teaching fellows from around the world will soon have a new international resource network, thanks in part to the work of a Mount Allison University Music professor.

3M National Teaching Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Wells, with UK colleague Dr. Kirsten Hardie, is working to establish the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows (IFNTF), bringing together teaching fellows from across the globe to share ideas and resources related to teaching and learning in post-secondary education.

“The IFNTF will include teaching fellows from Canada, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and India to date,” says Wells. “The goal of the federation is to mobilize and connect the best minds in teaching around the world, which is a very powerful prospect.” Hardie agrees.

“There exist a number of national teaching fellow communities across a range of countries. Over the years many fellows have met at key learning and teaching conferences and have worked collaboratively on research activities, projects and publications,” says Hardie, who is an associate professor at the Arts University (Bournemouth, UK) and a UK National Teaching Fellow. “Such collaboration has been enjoyable, fruitful, and rewarding in a variety of ways.”

Planned initiatives for the federation include a yearly summit on teaching and learning, a journal devoted to the subject, and a new international teaching award — “Teacher of the World.”

“We’re also planning to involve students as much as possible in this new global partnership,” says Wells. “Canada’s 3M program also has a national student fellow program. We hope to build on these types of programs and connect students internationally.”

The idea for an international organization was sparked from discussions between Wells and Hardie when Wells served as chair of the 3M National Teaching Fellows between 2012 and 2014. The pair has been working on the project since then and will be presenting on it in the UK in March 2016. A global launch will be held in September 2016.

Photo caption: Mount Allison Music professor, incoming Dean of Arts, and 3M National Teaching Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Wells is working to establish an international network of national teaching fellows with UK colleague Dr. Kirsten Hardie.

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