Mount Allison announces new Black Caucus on campus

07 Sep 2023
The group will support and empower Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni

SACKVILLE, NB — Mount Allison University has established a new Black affinity group, the MtA Black Caucus, aimed at empowering and supporting Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This is the first group of its kind on campus that includes the entire Mount Allison Black community.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Black people in our society and on our campus, Mount Allison, in collaboration with various stakeholders and community partners, has undertaken a series of initiatives to foster substantive change.

Throughout the upcoming academic year, students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of programs, initiatives, and events designed to engage the public and empower our Black communities at Mount Allison. Some key initiatives include:

  • Creation of a dedicated safe space — a dedicated space for all on campus that centres the Black experience.
  • Braids and Fades Fridays — Addressing the lack of haircare services for Black individuals in our community, Student Life has partnered with Black haircare experts from the Moncton area to offer monthly haircare services on campus.
  • The Black Experience at MtA — A presentation and panel discussion organized on how to support Black students in both academic and non-academic settings, promoting inclusivity and understanding for all.
  • Black Health and Wellness Circles — Ongoing wellness support groups that prioritize the lived experiences of Black people.
  • Black Celebrations — Commemorating and celebrating significant days, such as Black History Month and Black Grad, to foster a sense of pride and recognition.
  • Black Alumni Network — Establishing an affinity group for Black Mount Allison alumni.

For Director of Student Life Danai Bélanger, the goal of this initiative is to cultivate a sense of community for Black students, faculty, staff, and alumni at Mount Allison, while supporting anti-racism and cultural diversity at the University.

“When we talk about unpacking Black history, we must recognize that anti-Black racism, discrimination, and oppression are not a concept of the past,” she says. “As an institution, we will continue to uplift our Black communities and create safe and affirming spaces for all who call this place home.”

Mount Allison University invites all members of the community to participate in these initiatives and contribute to the collective effort of fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus environment.

For more information on support and student groups for Black students, visit:

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