Meet Rene Ross — Mount Allison’s Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator 

21 Mar 2024

Mount Allison welcomes Rene Ross as the University’s new Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator.  

“I am pleased to welcome Rene Ross into the role of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator,” says Anne Comfort, vice-president, international and student affairs. “Her expertise and enthusiasm will enhance our commitment to education, prevention, and support for students and the campus community.” 

As part of the Student Affairs team, Ross will lead programming support focused on prevention and education related to sexualized violence and harassment on campus. 

Born and raised in Springhill, NS, Ross is excited to be working to support her community, adding to her excitement to take on this role.  

“I remember taking field trips to the Athletic Centre for swimming lessons. Mount Allison has always been a part of my community growing up.”  

Ross worked with Mines Action Canada and the International Red Cross that brought her on study tours in Bosnia and Croatia. Ross also worked as an intern at the Human Rights Commission with the United Nations. 

For the past 20 years Ross has worked in sexual violence prevention education, including as a sexual health educator in Amherst, NS and in her hometown. 

“I feel very passionate and strongly about education and awareness,” says Ross. “I've always been really involved with education campaigns to prevent sexual violence and for me that is why I became a sexual health educator.” 

Ross completed her undergraduate studies at Acadia University, earning a bachelor's degree in political science. More recently, she returned to school at the University of Alberta to pursue postgraduate studies, shifting her focus to sexual health.  

Ross says she enjoys bringing an unconventional approach to sexual health teaching.  

"I believe strongly in breaking the stigma on sexual health and bringing some fun to the education and doing things differently,” she says. “I love making people laugh and making people feel comfortable with approaching these topics as much as I can.” 

Ross will provide one-on-one and group education around sexual violence prevention, including a range of topics and concerns such as public health, safety, how to be a good bystander, the impact of gender-based discrimination, online dating, and personal safety.  

In her spare time, Ross is a painter and part of the Sackville Art Association where she recently showcased one of her paintings for the first time at Owens Art Gallery. She is also a writer and is currently working on publishing her first book.  

Ross shares photos of her art and passion for writing on her Instagram account: @renerossart  

Ross is looking forward to working with students and meeting people within the community to learn what is possible for creating campaigns and tailoring presentations and education to different groups that reflect the campus community. 

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