Life as an entrepreneur with Alan Kong: Summer Student Internship 

11 Aug 2023
Economics student Alan Kong is completing his second entrepreneurship internship as a videographer and photographer through the Experiential Learning & Career Development Internship Program at Mount Allison. 

1 — What does your day-to-day look like?

This is my second entrepreneurship internship with MtA, where I have focused on photography and videography. My day to day looks very different every day, but this year I have chosen to pay a little more attention to the wedding portion of my business. I have been working on rebranding and separating the commercial content and wedding content. I have also found an amazing wedding business coach who has been keeping me on track with daily micro assignments. 

2 — What are you enjoying most about your internship?

I have been really enjoying the entrepreneurship course that Dr. Dawn Henwood is leading this summer. It has been so helpful to receive coaching and mentorship throughout the summer to help guide me through my summer entrepreneurship experience. I have met so many great students through this process as well. It has been so fun to work with likeminded people who strive to help each other be their best!

Economics student Alan Kong is completing his second entrepreneurship
internship as a videographer and photographer.

3 — What knowledge and skills are you developing?

Bookkeeping! This year I have been able to focus more on books and the cashflow of my business and it has been very beneficial to know and understand the numbers. This is something that Dr. Henwood emphasized in the course and last year, I hate to admit, it was definitely not at the level it should have been. 

4 — How has this internship impacted your university experience?

This internship is probably one of the best things I have experienced at MtA. It has shown me that there is a lot more to experience at university outside of pure academia. I think providing students with opportunities to try new things and start their dreams is a valuable function that any university should offer and it has made my university experience better than I could have ever imagined.

5 — What has this experience shown you about potential career paths?

I am really enjoying life as an entrepreneur and I have calculated the numbers and based on my cashflow I could make this a full-time gig! I am also really interested in the idea that my busy season is only about six months of the year, so to have the other six months open to other business ventures is very intriguing.

Check out Alan's entrepreneurial ventures on Instagram: @506media_vp and @lumierewedfilms

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This is a Venture Space Internship funded by Future NB.


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