The importance of networking with Lauren Sallaj: Summer Student Internship 

22 Sep 2023
Fourth-year Commerce student Lauren Sallaj spent her summer as an Audit Intern at KPMG in Moncton through the Experiential Learning & Career Development’s Internship Program at Mount Allison. 

1 – What are you enjoying most about your internship?

I am enjoying being able to get experience in my field of study before I graduate. My courses through my Commerce degree have been more theoretical based and working within this environment has allowed me to understand what life as an accountant might look like. The team that I am working with has also been so lovely and I feel grateful to have such an amazing team that drives me to excel. 

2 – What is your takeaway from this experience so far?

The importance of networking! I think networking is just as important as the actual work we're doing. I feel fortunate to have had campus recruiters for KPMG give us opportunities to network and attend events. Through this position I have met so many people across the country over the last two summers and I know these connections will be valuable throughout the rest of my career. I would have to say it's one of my favourite parts of the internship.  

3 – How has this internship impacted your university experience?

Before I started this internship, I had no idea that I would be able to receive an experiential learning credit. This has been helpful when planning courses for my last year. Since I am receiving course credit for my internship, my schedule has opened up a little more and I will be able to focus on life after graduation. Having this experience contribute to my degree is amazing!

4 – What has this experience shown you about potential career paths?  

As an accounting student, the natural direction post-graduation is working towards your CPA. I work with many colleagues that have received their designation and are able to mentor me through what the program looks like. Because of my internship experience, I have decided to start working towards my CPA when I join KPMG full time next fall.

5 – What have you learned about what fuels your fire?

I've always been a very logical and analytical person. I love problem-solving and being able to help people. I feel very fulfilled within the accounting profession as what I am doing at KPMG aligns exactly with what makes me feel happiest. 

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This internship is funded by KPMG. 

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