The Business of Science — student-led workshop being held at Mount Allison, Sept. 23-25

19 Sep 2016

Business_of_Science_organizerSACKVILLE, NB — Interdisciplinary studies and experiential learning will come to life during the Business of Science Workshop, taking place at Mount Allison University, September 23-25, 2016.

The workshop, led by Science and Commerce student Rob Baxter, is a collaborative effort between these disciplines, which will give student participants the opportunity to evaluate current research and explore commercialization possibilities of various projects.

“As someone who is taking degrees in both Science and Business I have the unique opportunity to really see where the two disciplines overlap,” says Baxter. “It’s my hope that by taking part in this workshop the participants will be able to gain a better understanding of this overlap, and through this will see all the opportunities available to them when business and science mix.”

The event will include members of Mount Allison University’s Science and Commerce faculties, as well as local entrepreneurs, providing students with a first-hand view of successful collaboration.

Business_of_Science_bannerSeveral members of Mount Allison University’s Science faculty are participating as part of the event including Biochemistry and Chemistry professors Dr. Khash Ghandi, Dr. Andrew Grant, and Dr. Vett Lloyd of the biology department.

“As centres of creativity and innovation, universities definitely have a role to play in transforming ideas into economic development,” says Dr. Andrew Grant, Mount Allison’s biochemistry and chemistry department head. “For many, entrepreneurship does have to be nurtured and supported, and that is the purpose of this weekend workshop.”

The workshop is open to all students; up to 40 will be chosen to participate and presentations will be open to the public. Interested students may apply at:

The Business of Science event is supported in part by the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, UNB’s Pond-Deshpande Centre, Grant Thornton, InColor, Venn, Opportunities New Brunswick, BioNB, and Springboard Atlantic.

For additional information about the Business of Science Workshop, including a full event schedule, visit:


Photo caption: Business of Science event organizer Rob Baxter, centre, discusses event plans with students and faculty.

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