5Q Summer Edition: Sappyfest production co-ordinator Gabrielle de Ste-Croix Killoran | Mount Allison


5Q Summer Edition: Sappyfest production co-ordinator Gabrielle de Ste-Croix Killoran

31 Jul 2017

Gabrielle_main1- What is your summer internship and what will you take away from this experience?

This summer I am the Sappyfest production co-ordinator through the Campbell-Verduyn Internship, which means I take care of recruiting volunteers, organizing lodging for our performers, and helping to create a fun, safe, and memorable weekend for our attendees. I’m continuously amazed to learn how close-knit and wonderful local businesses and community members are here in Sackville. Sappyfest is a community-driven festival and it would not be possible without their endless support. It has shown me a different side of the town and I could not be more proud to call Sackville home.

2- What is the best thing about summer in Sackville?

Oh, that one is easy — Sappyfest!

3- What are you involved in on campus?

During the school year I’m an intern at the Centre for Canadian Studies as well as co-president of the Canadian Studies Society. We are a small department, but we are excited to host many speakers and events for the upcoming year. In my first year I became the statistician for the football team, which quickly became my favorite part of my first year. The press box is one of the most exciting and unique places to be on game day. I’m looking forward to another action-packed (and hopefully winning) season. Once second year came around, I got to co-ordinate stats for other sports teams, which has allowed me to assemble a fantastic group of statisticians.

4- You went on exchange to France last semester. What did you enjoy most about your exchange?

What I enjoyed most about my exchange was being able to learn from other points of view. I’ve met people from every part of the world whose values and background do not always line up with mine, yet they have become some of my most important friends. They taught me, intentionally or not, to broaden my outlook on society and not only acknowledge, but try to understand different perspectives. Everything I was taught in the classroom setting was being questioned, which is what experiential learning is all about.

5- What are you looking forward to most about your third year?

Since I was gone for a semester abroad I haven’t been able to share my Mountie Pride as much, so I would have to say Homecoming weekend.

Bonus question: What advice do you have for first-year students?

It’s been said a thousand times over, but it is so important to get involved. Whether it is in your residence, in clubs and societies, or with your academic department, the people you will meet and opportunities you will receive from getting involved will be what you remember most from your time at Mount Allison.

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