5Q: 2018 International Orientation Chair Marissa Trott

14 Aug 2018

Marissa_main1- Why did you want to be International Orientation Chair?

I wanted to be the International Orientation Chair because when I arrived in my first year International Orientation was my first welcome to Mount Allison. Coming from a different country I was so nervous and anxious. I had no idea what to expect. But the facilitators of IO were so welcome and made my overall transition to Mount Allison amazing. Since then I knew that I wanted to be able to offer that same feeling to other international students, so I knew being the IO Chair was something I really wanted to do.

2- What is your favourite memory from your Orientation?

My favourite memory from my Orientation was having a bonfire on the beach. It was a great time with the facilitators and with the other students. The ocean, beautiful scenery, tons of laughs, and s’mores — what’s not to love?

3- What advice do you have for first-year students who may feel overwhelmed when they get to campus?

My advice for new students who may be overwhelmed when they get to campus is to just breathe. It may seem like a scary thought to be starting your university life, but as soon as O-week comes you’re going to forget about all the worries and you’ll be having the time of your life.

4- What do you hope students take away from International Orientation?

I hope that the new international students feel as if they have a new family away from home when they finish IO week. When I finished IO two years ago I remember being able to contact the facilitators whenever I needed help or just needed someone to grab a coffee with, or study with. I developed a great group of forever friends that I still keep in contact with to this day, even those who were only here for a semester, or who have graduated. So I hope when the busy week is over the new students adjust well and know that they have a great support system while they’re here.

5- Where can students get more information about International Orientation over the summer?

During the summer you can get information on International Orientation on Facebook and at mta.ca/international/orientation, or by e-mailing the International Centre at international-centre@mta.ca.

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