5 Questions with November’s Entrepreneur of the Month Matt Thomson

14 Nov 2023
Thomson (‘11) is co-founder and co-CEO of Placemaking 4G (P4G), an award-winning social enterprise

With personal values of amplifying, inspiring, and humility, Matt Thomson is co-founder and co-CEO of Placemaking 4G (P4G) alongside fellow Mount Allison alumnus Bradley Daye (‘11). P4G is an award-winning social enterprise with recruiting, consulting, and tech divisions that provide socially conscious recruitment services, strategic consulting and education, and custom technology solutions — all guided by P4G’s purpose of helping to build equitable access to prosperity.  

Matt Thomson, November’s Entrepreneur of the Month at Mount Allison with the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development.

Thomson is November’s Entrepreneur of the Month at Mount Allison with the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development. As part of Entrepreneurship Week, he is delivering a workshop on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 4 p.m. in AVDX 112 entitled Masterclass in Social Impact at Work, exploring how delving into our individual values and purpose will help us authentically lead businesses out of the capitalist status quo, valuing prosperity beyond profit, community and environmental impact, and ultimately aligning passions and purpose.

“I hope students take away from this workshop that you can thrive because of, not in spite of, who you are,” says Thomson.  
As a leader, he has been featured as part of the MARS Discovery District’s Portraits of Innovation Campaign along with Daye, is a member of the Wallace McCain Institute’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (ELP ‘16), co-host of the Just Good Business Podcast, and has his first children’s book coming out in 2024. 

Meditation and mindfulness practice have become a big part of Thomson’s life. An advocate for mental health, he is proud to be a founding member of the Mounties for Mental Health initiative, supporting healthy dialogue and suicide awareness, intervention, and prevention training on campus. 

How did Mount Allison prepare you for your career as an entrepreneur? 
In addition to things like time management and balancing multiple priorities as a student-athlete, I deepened my understanding of building intentional and long-lasting relationships. The small, tight-knit campus and community was the perfect backdrop to build relationships that continue to this day. 
Why is it important for you to stay connected with Mount Allison as an engaged alumni and volunteer?
I left MtA with so much and I'm forever grateful for what I learned while there (notably, the growing up I did outside the classroom). They are formidable years and if I can help current students feel like they have permission to lean into their passions, authenticity, and take care of their mental health, I think those lessons will help impact their lives well after walking across the stage at Convocation Hall. 
What is your entrepreneurial approach? 
Leading with love. My entrepreneurial approach isn't much different than my approach to life. Authentic and unconditional love has the power to unlock potential we never knew possible. I've had the privilege to build a business alongside some of the most incredible humans you'll ever meet. 
What qualities make a good entrepreneur? 
Humility, resilience, perspective.
One piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs at Mount Allison? 
Do it. Be bold, be creative, fail, and learn. 


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