Policy 7903 — Vehicle Operations

Policy section:
Section 7900-7999 Miscellaneous
Policy number:
Vehicle Operations
Approved By:
Vice-President (Administration)
Approved date:
May 15, 1998
Effective date:
May 29, 1998
Administered by:
Vice-President (Administration)


Facilities Management utilizes a small fleet of vehicles to provide support services to the university and to department operations. Not only are the operation and maintenance of these vehicles expensive, but the vehicles themselves constitute some of the most visible elements of the department, as they move from place to place on the campus. It is therefore important that they be operated efficiently and safely, and that they be maintained in a manner that reflects positively on the department.

1.1 Vehicle Procurement

Budget provisions are normally made for the procurement of one of the trucks or vans each fiscal year. This results in about a seven year replacement cycle. Maintenance should be done with that in mind. Other vehicles such as tractors will be treated as equipment and funds for their replacement will be budgeted separately.

1.2 Vehicle Operations

1.2.1 Responsibility

Each vehicle is assigned to a specific shop. The shop supervisor is responsible for the operation and condition of each vehicle, although specific employees may be assigned responsibility for routine maintenance or daily operation. A log book is to be kept for each vehicle in which the daily milage, fuel purchases and maintenance work is to be recorded. Oil levels are to be checked weekly and noted in the log book. Drivers must report any unusual noises or mechanical incidents to the shop supervisor. Vehicles are to be washed and the interior tidied up at least once every two weeks.

1.2.2 Operation

Vehicles are to be used on official university business only. They are normally only to be taken off campus to pick up supplies, transport garbage or to be fuelled or repaired. The supervisor is to be informed if a vehicle is leaving campus for any other reason. Vehicles are only to be operated by a driver with a valid driver's license. Vehicles are not to be left running if the vehicle is unattended or if the stop is expected to be more than five minutes. At no time will keys be left in an unattended vehicle. Care must be taken at all times to keep the vehicles off grassed areas to prevent turf damage and added workload for the Grounds Crew. Vehicles should be parked where they will not block access to walkways or building entrances. Any gates or security barriers that are opened to access any area of the campus are to be re-closed once the vehicle has passed through.

1.2.3 Repair and Maintenance

Supervisors are to ensure that vehicles are inspected at least monthly for signs of wear such as tire tread, body rust or fluid leakage. These inspections are to be recorded in the log book. An appropriate frequency is to be identified for each vehicle by the supervisor based on manufacturers's recommendations for periodic maintenance such as tune-ups and oil changes. Periodic maintenance frequencies are to be recorded in the log book and arrangements made by the supervisor to have the required maintenance performed. Any repairs or maintenance up to $250 can be approved by the supervisor using the blanket purchase order. Repairs beyond that amount must be approved by the Director.

1.3 Shop Assignment

Vehicles are allocated to shops as follows:

  • Electrical Shop: Cargo Van
  • Plumbing Shop: Pick-up Truck with Custom Box, Pick-up Truck with cap
  • Custodial: Pick-up Truck with hydraulic lift
  • Grounds: 1-ton Garbage Truck; 4x4 Pick-up Truck; All other tractors, snow clearance and lawn mowing machinery.