Policy 7605 — Parking and Vehicle Access Policy

Policy section:
Section 7600-7699 Facilities
Policy number:
Parking and Vehicle Access Policy
Approved By:
Vice-President, Administration
Approved date:
November 1, 2011
Effective date:
November 1, 2011
Administered by:
Director, Facilities Management


Parking is only permitted in designated parking lots and, where parking spaces are marked, within those spaces. Within lots where parking spaces are not marked, parking is not permitted on lawns or where it will prevent other vehicles from entering or exiting the lot.

1.1 General Parking

Except for vehicles which have been issued overnight parking passes (see 1.2 below), general parking is available between 06:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. in

a. the Bermuda Parking Lot (behind Bermuda House);
b. the Convocation Hall Parking Lot (beside Convocation Hall);
c. the Dunn Parking Lot (on the corner of Salem and York streets);
d. the Lansdowne Parking Lot (on the corner of Lansdowne and Park streets);
e. the Rectory Lane Parking Lot (at the end of Rectory Lane); and
f. the Hillcrest Parking Lot (on the corner of Salem and York streets behind the Observatory).

and between 06:00 a.m. to 03:00 a.m. in the following lot:
g. the King Street Parking Lot (off King Street); and
h. the Thornton and Edwards Parking Lot (beside Thornton and Edwards houses).

1.2 Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is permitted in specified areas but only for vehicles in respect of which overnight parking passes have been issued.

Students living in residence may obtain such passes from Housing for their own vehicles, and may receive temporary passes from their dons or residence assistants on duty for the vehicles of their guests.

Others may receive such passes from Facilities Management or Conferences.
The parking lots, which contain limited areas within which vehicles with passes can park overnight, are as follows:

a. the Bermuda Lot (behind Bermuda House);
b. the King Street Parking Lot (off King Street);
c. the Lansdowne Lot (on the corner of Lansdowne and Park streets); and
d. the Thornton and Edwards Lot (behind Thornton and Edwards houses).

1.3 Exceptions

Exceptions to the above regulations may be required for maintenance vehicles, special events, and special needs access. All exceptions require the prior approval of Facilities Management.

1.4 Designated Parking

Unauthorized vehicles may not park in designated parking spaces.

1.5 Disabled Parking

Use of disabled parking spaces requires the display of the blue disabled parking permit.


Access to campus walkways is restricted to SERVICE VEHICLES ONLY.

Exceptions will be made for the delivery or pick-up of items that are too heavy or bulky to move from a designated parking lot. In such a case, a key to remove any barrier limiting access can be obtained from Facilities Management. While the vehicle is on campus four-way lights must be used. The vehicle must be removed from campus immediately after the delivery or pickup and the barrier key returned to Facilities Management by 04:00 p.m.

ALL those driving on campus must yield to pedestrians and proceed with due care taking into account that Mount Allison is a pedestrian campus.

2.1 Contractor Vehicles

Contractors may be issued special permission passes by Facilities Management for vehicles carrying tools and materials.


A warning may, but will not necessarily, be issued to educate those who have violated this policy.

Whether a warning has been issued or not, the University may TOW, at the owner’s risk and expense, vehicles found in violation of this policy.

Enforcement will only be on an occasional basis. Therefore, lack of enforcement will not be accepted as an excuse for violating this policy.