Policy 7230 — Campaign Counting and Reporting

Policy section:
Section 7200-7299 Budgets, Investments and Expenditures
Policy number:
Campaign Counting and Reporting
University Advancement
Approved By:
Executive Committee
Approved date:
October 19, 2020
Effective date:
October 19, 2020
Administered by:
Vice-President, University Advancement


1.1  Mount Allison is in the quiet phase of a comprehensive campaign to support the University’s strategic priorities and advance its fund raising reach. This policy defines the guidelines for the counting and reporting of campaign contributions to Mount Allison University for the period of the campaign.

1.2  The University will generally follow CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) campaign counting standards.

1.3  This policy is to be used in accordance with the existing Gift Acceptance and Naming of Assets policies of Mount Allison University.


2.1  The campaign counting and reporting period is for the duration of the campaign: from May 1, 2017 and projected to run through April 30, 2024. The campaign end date may be altered to reflect changes in timeline or operations.

2.2  The working goal for the campaign is $75 million as of October 2019. This goal may be adjusted before it is finalized as the campaign approaches the public phase.

2.3  All charitable contributions to the University will be counted and recorded in the University Advancement database of record and reconciled with Financial Services.

2.4  The following will be counted toward Mount Allison’s comprehensive campaign goal:

2.4.1  All pledges confirmed in writing and designated to campaign priorities. The recommended pledge payment period is five years or less. In exceptional cases, the Vice-President, Advancement may make recommendations for an extended pledge payment period, to be approved by the President.

2.4.2  All gifts received by the University during the designated campaign period. This includes unrestricted gifts, special gifts, and corporate and foundation grants during the campaign period that are not specifically designated to campaign priorities.

2.4.3  Realized planned gifts and trust revenue during the campaign period.

2.4.4  Revocable gift expectancies (such as bequests). These will be tracked and reported separately from grants, gifts, and pledges.

2.4.5  Irrevocable deferred gifts, such as life insurance policies transferred to the University. These will be counted at face value.

2.4.6  Gifts of real estate, gifts in kind, and gifts of tangible personal property will be credited at the fair market value of the gift, in accordance with and subject to the rules of the University’s gift acceptance policy.

2.4.7  Government grants supporting specific campaign projects. These will be tracked and reported on separate from other grants, gifts, bequests, and pledges.

2.4.8  Student Union grants or levies supporting specific campaign projects.

2.5  Private grants, contracts, and government funds for sponsored research are not to be counted.


3.1  The authority for the counting and reporting of the campaign results will be the University Controller who will report annually to the Finance and Administration Committee of the Board with a copy to the University Advancement Committee.

3.2  The Controller’s report will normally include:

3.2.1  The donations, grants and other support received in the year

3.2.2  The pledges and other commitments made during the year

3.2.3  The outstanding balance of pledges

3.2.4  Such other information as the Board of Regents requires to assess the amount raised during a campaign


4.1  The policy will terminate with the end of the campaign. The campaign counting start date is May 1, 2017.