Policy 7206 — University Advancement Funding Policy

Policy section:
Section 7200-7299 Budgets, Investments and Expenditures
Policy number:
University Advancement Funding Policy
Approved By:
Executive Committee of the Board of Regents
Approved date:
July 11, 2002
Effective date:
July 11, 2002
April 12, 2012
Administered by:
Vice-President (Administration)


The purposes of this policy are

  1. to establish the funding for University Advancement after the conclusion of the JUMP Campaign,
  2. to establish a reporting framework for the outcomes of fundraising activities, and
  3. to ensure that unrestricted endowments are not used to replace the support the General Operating Fund is providing for fundraising.


Since in accordance with this policy unrestricted endowments are being used to support fundraising activities, as an exception to the University’s general policy not to use such funds for operating purposes, this policy sets out specific rules and procedures respecting the University Advancement budget to ensure that use of such funds for fundraising does not result in a reduction in the support the General Operating Fund provides for fundraising.


1. The fundraising portion of the University Advancement budget will, and other portions may, including planned expenditures and sources of funding, be included with the University’s Special Programme Operating Fund budget.

2. University Advancement activities will be categorized as either fundraising or non-fundraising activities. Fundraising includes all activities to identify, cultivate and solicit prospective donors and the stewardship of existing donors. The non-fundraising activities are marketing, communications and external relations.

3. Non-fundraising activities will be funded entirely from the General Operating Fund.

4. The amount of funding from the General Operating Fund for fundraising in the 2013 fiscal year will be $440,000. This amount will change each year similar to the overall change in revenues of the General Operating Fund.

5. The yearly amount of unrestricted endowment and trust income and unrestricted donations to be used for fundraising activities will be stated in the budget document and approved as part of the University’s budget.

6. If at the end of a fiscal year there is an excess of revenues over expenditures in University Advancement that excess shall be deemed to be from the endowment and trust income and accounted for accordingly.


The Controller will report to the Finance and Administration Committee annually on:

  1. the resources of the University which were used to support fundraising activities,
  2. the donations and other support received during the year
  3. the pledges made and paid during the year along with the balance of outstanding pledges,
  4. the comparison of the original budget to actuals for University Advancement, and
  5. such other information as the Board of Regents will require to evaluate the adherence to the policies set out above and the success of the fundraising program.