Policy 7110 — President's Expenses Reporting Policy

Policy section:
Section 7100-7199 Purchasing, Claims and Reimbursement
Policy number:
President’s Expense Reporting Policy
Approved By:
Board of Regents Executive Committee
Approved date:
August 23, 2013
Effective date:
August 23, 2013
December 9, 2019
Administered by:
Vice-President, Finance and Administration

1 - Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the timing and contents of reports to the Board of Regents Human Resources Committee (the “Committee”) on the President’s expenses and to identify additional procedures and approvals specific to the President’s expenses.

2 – Reporting

2.1      The Controller shall report at least annually to the Committee on the President’s expenses.

2.2      The Committee shall determine what types of expenses will be reported to the Committee. Generally, the President’s expenses include all items reimbursed to the President or paid directly by the University for the President’s travel, off-campus entertainment and hospitality, conference registration, professional development and memberships. 

2.3      The Controller’s Report shall provide sufficient detail to identify the nature and purpose of the expense.   

2.4     The Controller’s Report will generally be for an entire academic year but, at their discretion, the Controller may report any President’s expense item at any time to the Committee.

3 - Approval of Reimbursements to the President

3.1      Claims for reimbursement of travel, entertainment and other expenses are subject to the University’s policies (7100 - 7103) and are to be submitted within 45 days after the return from travel or after an expense is incurred.  

3.2      Reimbursements to the President and expenses incurred on their University issued P-Card are to be reviewed and approved by the Vice-President Finance and Administration or delegate in their absence and by the Chair of the Board of Regents or their delegate in their absence.