Policy 7007 — Datatel Database Management Tools Usage

Policy section:
Section 7000-7099 Computing Services
Policy number:
Datatel Database Management Tools Usage
Approved By:
Vice-President (Administration)
Approved date:
June 10, 2003
Effective date:
June 10, 2003
Administered by:
Director of Computing Services


Access to the verbs of the Datatel database management tools which can change data will not be provided to anyone other than the Applications Manager, and the senior analysts, in Computing Services.

Furthermore, these verbs will only be used in accordance with this policy and, if they are used by a senior analyst, only when the analyst has been authorized by the Applications Manager in writing to use the tools for a specific purpose.

Access to the other portions of these tools will only be provided to users who require inquiry access to the database.


2.1 Changes to Make Repairs

Changes to the information in the database to repair corrupt data or to correct a problem with the system may be made even if a request for such changes has not been made by a user provided the change is made in consultation with Datatel and in accordance with sections 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 of this policy.

2.2 Changes made at the Request of a User

Changes can also be made at the request of a user, provided a Database Management Change Request has been submitted to the Applications Manager by the user and the Request has been approved in accordance with this policy.

The Request will document the changes being requested, the reason for the changes, the records to be modified, the expected results and the date by which the changes are required.

2.3 Approval of the Request

The Applications Manager will obtain approval for the changes from

  • a) the Controller for changes related to Financial information,
  • b) the head of MASU for changes related to Student information,
  • c) the Vice President University Advancement for changes related to Alumni information, and
  • d) the Director of Student Life for changes related to student organization information.

2.4 Making Changes

Before any changes are made, the data to be changed will be backed up, and the data will be reviewed to ensure that the correct information and the correct records are being modified.

A log of the commands issued to make the changes will be kept.

Once the changes are completed, the records will be reviewed to ensure the required changes were made.

The log will then be reviewed and signed off by another member of the Applications team in Computing Services.

2.5 Approval of the Changes

The changes will then be signed off by the senior analyst if a senior analyst made the changes, by the Applications Manager, and when the change was made at the request of a user by the persons making and approving the request.

2.6 Authorizations

For purposes of authorization and/or sign off a signature, or a verbal confirmation followed by an email, will be valid.