Policy 7003 — Computer Network Usage Policy

Policy section:
Section 7000-7099 Computing Services
Policy number:
Computer Network Usage Policy
Approved By:
The President
Approved date:
August 23, 2002
Effective date:
August 23, 2002
Administered by:
Director of Computing Services


Mount Allison University has a computer network, including a connection to the Internet, to support its mission.


This policy covers access to and use of that network.

In order to gain access to the network a person must apply to the Computing Services Department for a user account.

No person shall use an account assigned to another person.

If a person is granted an account, access to the network through the account can then be gained by using a password.

A user must not share their password with any other person.

A user must not permit another person to use their account.

A user shall not do any act which jeopardizes the integrity of computing equipment, networks, programs, or stored information.

A user shall not use the network to do any act in violation of University policy or in violation of the law, including but not restricted to the law of copyright.

In particular, and without restricting the generality of the foregoing, a user shall not place material (software, images, music, movies, etc.) on any University-owned computer, or on any computer accessible to another computer through the University's homepage, in violation of copyright laws.

A user shall not use the network to gain access to any information to which the user is not entitled to access; or to copy, modify, or use any information which the user is not entitled to copy, modify or use.

A user shall not use the network to interfere with any other person's access to or use of the network.

A user shall not use the network to gain access to, or to use, another person's resources, programs or data without permission of that other person.

A user shall not use the network to send unwanted and offensive messages or pictures.

The University reserves the right to examine files that are placed on University-owner computers when it is necessary to do so in order to ensure that the network functions properly.

Alternate Internet Access Provider connections to the University's network are not permitted unless authorized in writing by the Computing Services Department.