Policy 7001 — Terms & Conditions for Use of University Computing Accounts

Policy section:
Section 7000-7099 Computing Services
Policy number:
Terms & Conditions for Use of University Computing Accounts
Approved By:
The President
Approved date:
January 1, 0001
Effective date:
January 1, 0001
October 26, 1995
Administered by:
Director of Computing Services

Terms and Conditions:

  • DO NOT share your account or password with anyone
  • DO NOT tamper with files or resources that are not owned by your id
  • DO NOT send or forward electronic chain letters
  • DO NOT use your account to harass others
  • DO NOT attempt to find out other users' passwords
  • DO NOT use university computer facilities to play games

Users are, at all times; personally responsible for use made of their accounts. Certain practices are considered misuses of the university property. Examples of such misuses are the use of any part of the Computer System for personal or corporate profit, or to provide free resources to unauthorized users.

The following policies govern the use of Mount Allison University Computing Services department:

  1. No person or persons shall use the facilities of the University Computing Services department without due authorization by Computing Services.
  2. Every allocation of Computing Services is made on the understanding that it is to be used only for the purpose for which it was requested and only by the person or persons by whom or on whose behalf the request was made. Use shall not be made of computing resources allocated to another person or group unless such use has been specifically authorized by Computing Services.
  3. No person or persons shall by any willful or deliberate act jeopardize the integrity of the computing equipment, its systems programs, or any other stored information.
  4. Every person authorized to use computing resources shall be expected to treat as privileged, any information not provided or generated by them which may become available through their use of computing resources; they shall not copy, modify, disseminate, or use any part of it without permission of the appropriate person or body.
  5. Improper use of Computing Services may result in withdrawal of account numbers or other penalties. The following, (but not limited to the following), may be considered improper:
    • Frivolous use of the computer, inspection of data or functions which are neither allotted to the account, nor specified as public.
    • Inspection of data which have to do with computer utilization, authorization for computer access, or security Modification of data which are not specifically assigned to or created by the modifier.
    • Use of another's account number.
    • Interference with other users of the system.
    • Destruction of data or property which is not owned by the destroyer.
    • Attempting to gain access to another's resources, programs or data.
    • Use of another's programs without permission.
    • Sending obscene or vulgar messages.
    • Abusive or improper use of hardware or public software.
    • Use of the facilities for personal or corporate gain without an external account. Examples of such use include producing invitations, posters, etc., and the sale of computer programs or results developed under an academic account number.
    • Unnecessary holding of terminals or telecommunications lines

Breach of the above terms and conditions can result in withdrawal of the account, university discipline, and prosecution under the laws of the Criminal Code of Canada.