Policy 3815 — David Stewart Professional Development Award

Policy section:
Section 3800-3899 Miscellaneous
Policy number:
David Stewart Professional Development Award
Approved By:
The President
Approved date:
June 1, 2015
Effective date:
June 1, 2015
Administered by:
Director of Human Resources


The purpose of the David Stewart Professional Development Award is to assist in the career development of a deserving employee from the non-bargaining group by financially supporting professional development opportunities.

The award is established in honour of David Stewart, who retired in 2014 from his position as Vice-president, Administration after 36 years of service in management and executive positions with the University.  His tireless and selfless effort and dedication to realizing the goals of the University are the basis for this award, which recognizes individuals who have made, or who have potential to make, similar contributions to the life of the University.


The award will be made annually to an employee in mid-career to support their future professional development.  It will take into account the contribution such an award would make to the career development of the nominee.

The award will be used to provide professional development opportunities for the recipient, enabling them to attend courses, conferences, workshops, etc. as identified in consultation with their vice-president or director, as appropriate.

The recipient will also receive a plaque.  A plaque acknowledging past recipients will also be maintained in the area of the President's Office.
The award will be presented at the fall meeting of the President's Council. The Board of Regents will be informed of the award's recipients at its October meeting.


All employees from the non-bargaining group are eligible for this award.


The President will issue a call for nominations to vice-presidents, deans and directors each year, in April.

Deans and directors are invited to nominate an employee from the non-bargaining group in their area.

President's Cabinet will receive and review nominations and select the recipient.


Nominated candidates should epitomize those attributes exhibited by David Stewart, namely:

  • mentoring, encouraging, and empowering employees at the beginning as well as throughout their career.
  • demonstrated professionalism, integrity, intelligent risk-taking, and strong ethics in their day-to-day work
  • demonstrated strategic thinking and leadership by recognizing important issues and linking them to the collective vision
  • in performing their responsibilities, thinking about the University and all its constituents, both present and future