Policy 3005 — Policy on the Appointment of Faculty Associates

Policy section:
Section 3000-3099 Special Appointments
Policy number:
Policy on the Appointment of Faculty Associates
Approved By:
Vice-President, Academic and Research
Approved date:
December 1, 2007
Effective date:
December 1, 2007
Administered by:
Vice-President, Academic and Research


A faculty member or librarian in one academic unit may be appointed as an associate in another, in recognition of the contribution the individual can make to the second unit, particularly with respect to research expertise. The role of an associate member of a department or program can be varied, and may include undergraduate and graduate student supervision, input into the academic program and curriculum development, and invitations to attend departmental or program meetings (with or without voting privileges). The host academic unit determines the nature and scope of the faculty associate’s involvement.

A faculty associate is not a formal “member” of the host academic unit in terms of the Collective Agreement and its processes and procedures. There is no additional remuneration associated with an appointment as a faculty associate.



1. The host academic unit forwards a recommendation to the Dean.

2. If the Dean supports the recommendation, it is forwarded to the Vice-President, Academic and Research, for decision.

3. Faculty associates are appointed for a three-year term, renewable indefinitely upon the recommendation of the host academic unit.