Policy 3004 — Policy on the Appointment of Research Professors

Policy section:
Section 3000-3099 Special Appointments
Policy number:
Policy on the Appointment of Research Professors
Approved By:
Vice-President, Academic and Research
Approved date:
December 1, 2007
Effective date:
December 1, 2007
Administered by:
Vice-President, Academic and Research


A retired faculty member who remains research active may hold an appointment as a Research Professor. No remuneration is associated with such an appointment. On a case-by-case basis and with the agreement of the Dean and the Department Head, a Research Professor may be granted office or lab space, a mailbox in the Department, and/or other support as mutually agreed.

A Research Professor is not a formal “member” of the academic unit in terms of the Collective Agreement and its processes and procedures.


1. A request for an appointment as a Research Professor is normally initiated by the faculty member applying to the academic unit, through the Department Head, for consideration.

2. The academic unit forwards a recommendation to the Dean.

3. If the Dean supports the recommendation, it is forwarded to the Vice-President, Academic and Research, for decision.

4. Research Professors are appointed for a three-year term, which may be renewed upon recommendation of academic unit through the Dean.