Alumni — essential partners in student recruitment

Programs help alumni and prospective students connect
By: Kutay Ulkuer | Director, Recruitment, Admissions, and Awards

Working in the Recruitment, Admissions, and Awards Office, I have the pleasure of meeting with prospective students daily as many of them choose to continue their education at Mount Allison. 

When asked how they learned about Mount Allison, many share that it was an Allisonian, a family member, a friend, a guidance counsellor, or even a neighbour who suggested they look at this University.

Mount Allison alumni are essential partners in student recruitment. You understand the University community and experience, and have stayed in touch with your old roommates, classmates, teammates, and maybe even a favourite professor or two. Many of you have returned to campus during Homecoming or Reunion and have generously shared how your time at Mount A impacted your life.

And many of you are eager to share how Mount A helped you get to where you are today with the next generation.

There are several programs and initiatives in place for alumni and prospective students to connect including:

MANTRA (Mount Allison Network of Teachers for Recruitment and Admissions) Program

First launched in 2018, the MANTRA program is a volunteer program for alumni who have connections in secondary education systems across the country. The program, which initially focused on Atlantic Canada, has been very successful and is currently being expanded across Canada and internationally.

Alumni Referral Award

Introduced in 2020, the $1,000 award is available to students who indicate on their application that they were referred to Mount Allison by an alumnus/alumna. 

Teacher’s Network 

Part of a group of new alumni networks for anyone who is an educator. The Admissions Office has teamed up with the Alumni Engagement Office to provide you with MtA swag for your classroom and help connect you with fellow grads who work in education.

Support for Financial Aid

Alumni support for scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial aid is paramount. Many students simply wouldn’t be here without some form of support. In 2020-21 more than $10 million was raised in support of long-term financial aid, with much of that support coming from Allisonians.

Thank you for all the ways you support our students, both current and those yet to come to Sackville.

Know a student who would make a great Allisonian or want to help in the area of recruitment? Visit to learn more about our programs or contact to connect.